10 beach bag essentials!


Don’t you just hate it when you get to the beach and realise you have forgotten something?
Living right near the beach my entire life I feel like I should be a pro at packing for the beach.. here are my beach bag essentials I take with me each time I head to the beach.


The bag – The bag is crucial when it comes to packing for the beach! You need something large enough to hold the basics but something that is also practical. I find this bag is perfect to hit the beach with…not to big and not to small!!


Sunglasses – Protect yo eyes! Is there really anything worse than forgetting your sunnies at the beach?! They make the world of difference blocking those sharp sun rays.


Water bottle – Pack your water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated! Too much sun exposure can have you feeling pretty dehydrated and it is definitely important to keep up your water intake anyway.


Beach towel – I definitely cannot go to the beach without a towel! Whether its to lay on or dry off with after a swim, a towel is a must-take..


Hat – I love bigger floppy hats for the beach. Not only are you protecting your face and shoulders from the sun, but you’re looking fabulous as well! They are also good because they are easy to pack.


Sunscreen – If you’re from Australia you’ll know how harsh the sun’s UV rays can be and how important it is to cover yourself with sunscreen. Sun exposure leads to premature skin aging, wrinkles, skin damage and skin cancer. I always wear 30+ minimum but ideally 50+ sunscreen, when I go to the beach.


Hair brush – After swimming my hair gets into many knots and tangles so I like to keep a small brush in my bag to brush them out.


Something to read – There’s no denying the beach is the perfect place to zone out. That said though, I’m not someone who can just do nothing for hours, so I like to bring along something to distract myself such as a book or magazine.


Something dry – I like to pack a dry pair dress or something to pop on or take a sarong to cover myself with if I feel like covering myself more from the sun.


Little coin bag – I put any loose coins/cash I have, my debit card, phone and any beauty products such as lip gloss and moisturiser etc into my little coin bag.



What are your go-to beach essentials?


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