12 things I don’t like about travelling


DON’T GET ME WRONG, I LOVE TRAVELLING, but there are definitely some things about travelling that are not so fun.. with the good always comes the bad so here are some of the things I don’t like most about travelling!


Long Haul Flights

I hate em’ and for few reasons.. one being because I can never get a proper sleep on-board and another major reason being, I get motion sick really bad! So because of this I basically carry tablets with my everywhere I go when I travel, and especially on planes. I always envy people who can just sit on a plane and read a book, magazine or being doing work on their laptop with their head down. For me, I would feel sick after 30 minutes of it (damn head of mine!). Oh, and another reason for not loving long haul flights would have to be the whole sitting down for hours and hours straight kills me. If it were appropriate to do so, I would totally be running laps of the plane!


Long stopovers & no free Wi-Fi

Long stopovers are just plain boring full stop, but it’s worse if there is no free Wi-Fi at the airport either. Depending on the airport can vary in degree of boredom but there is only so much shopping/window shopping, people watching, reading a book, walking around and eating you can do.


Bathroom trouble

If you’re travelling by yourself you will know what I mean when I say how annoying it is going to the bathroom and having to cram your luggage into the bathroom cubicle with you so you’re not leaving it unattended. Or I guess you could just leave it outside…


Baggage limits

There is nothing worse than wondering if your luggage will make the cut off weight when you check in at the airport, especially at the end of a trip. Or if you are going on a trip with multiple flights and all range between 20-30kg weight allowances but there is that one flight that is only 15kg…..so annoying!


Flight Delays

Doesn’t matter if it happens at the beginning or end of a trip, flight delays suck! Especially, if you have connecting flights elsewhere to catch and miss them as a result.



Always, always, always know when you are visiting a country that requires you to show a visa upon entry – there is nothing worse than landing at your destination to only be refused entry due to lack of research on your behalf!



Everyone can relate to how terrible it feels to catch a cold or get some form of sickness that can really put a damper on your holiday. Sometimes it’s one of those inevitable things (like catching a cold) and you just gotta press on and focus on better parts of your holiday. I suffer from motion sickness quite badly (and annoyingly), so I’m literally always carrying tablets in my bag wherever I go..you know, just in case of any spontaneous bus, boat, or car rides that might trigger bouts of vertigo.



I don’t completely hate packing because it does mean I am going somewhere, but other than that, I’m not a huge fan. To this day I still over pack, but I have learnt a special little trick to pack better and for me this is ROLLING my clothes rather than FOLDING! I find packing for short getaways fairly easy though, but having to pack for trips that have multiple climates or trips that are a longer duration can get trickier!


Good expectations that are ruined

Having high expectations can only allow room for disappointment, so to avoid disappointment I try not to have any expectations before arriving to a destination I’ve never been to. It is hard sometimes though especially when you always hear raving reports about somewhere and when you finally go for yourself and it doesn’t live up to what you personally were expecting.



Short trips I always pack enough to not have to re wear clothes, but on longer trips, it usually means I have to find somewhere to wash my clothes at some point. If there aren’t facilities available at the accommodation to use, then I result to washing my clothes etc. in the shower and hanging them to dry either on a balcony outside if there is one or around the room. Washing that way certainly doesn’t feel the same as using a washing machine and dryer though.


Travel Scams & getting hassled

Getting ripped of is super annoying, especially if it’s a new country you are visiting and don’t know the local ways to avoid them. Things like expensive taxi fares, haggling when buying (predominately in Asia) and falling for street entertainment that costs money (prime examples being in Paris and Italy) are a few examples of this. Also, being hassled on the streets by ‘touts’ wanting to sell you things and will sometimes follow you halfway down the street after you’ve already said no…it gets old very quickly!


Facing Reality

Going on a great holiday and not wanting to come back home to face reality…all those bills and emails to catch up on and work to get back to…the struggle is so real!


Have you guys got anything to add to this :)? Comment below!


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