10 of the best things to see/do in Rome in a short time


Rome…is a huge city, so full of many, many historical landmarks, museums and rich culture that it feels kind of overwhelming! Particularly overwhelming if you have only got a few short days to try and see it all.

During my trip to Europe, I went back to Rome on 3 separate occasions and despite all being for a short stay, I still honestly feel as though I haven’t seen all that Rome has to offer, but I do feel satisfied that I saw everything I wanted to on all occasions. Sure, Rome has some off the beaten track, hidden, secret treasure spots to discover away from the constant busy as hell streets of Rome, but I will leave that for another trip if I ever visit again!

And here are my top 10 picks to see the ‘best of Rome’ on a short stay!


Eat your heart out

A trip to Rome wouldn’t be a trip complete without eating your way around the city! Try some local pizza, Italian espresso and scope out some Gelato! The list doesn’t end there either..I loved stumbling across random mini fruit markets in places I would least expect!



Visit the Colosseum

Undoubtedly the most popular and well known attraction to Rome: The Colosseum! If you are visiting Rome for the first time, be sure to check it out, it’s really a spectacular sight to see in person. You can pay a fee to step inside too.





Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is a staircase constructed using 138 steps, designed in 1723 and has became a popular meeting place for both artists and poets. There are many artists that use the steps nowadays to paint portraits for visitors at the top of the Spanish Steps.



Piazza Navona

Built by Emperor Domitian in 86 AD, Piazza is one of Rome’s most elegant squares. A popular spot for many tourists and locals to venture to, with many restaurants, bars and entertainers lining the area. Tip: If you want to avoid the crowds, head there early in the morning!


Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is dubbed to be the most beautiful fountain across Europe, perhaps even the world, and they say throwing a coin in will give you good luck!




The Pantheon was built in 27-25 BC however was completely re build in 125 AD after it burned down in 80 AD. It nowadays remains of the best preserved Ancient Monuments in the world and is one of Rome’s must see attractions.


The Vatican

The Vatican City is home to Rome’s most popular attractions, which include the likes of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums as well as the Sistine Chapel. The history is amazing as is the absolutely incredible architecture and breathtaking museums.







Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is located right nearby the Colosseum and holds some pretty spectacular history behind it! Despite what it looks like, if you learn some of the history behind it you can truely appreciate the ruins for what it is. Fun Fact: The Roman Forum shows remains from 7 centuries and the excavations to clear the Roman Forum took over 100 years. It wasn’t until the 20th century that it became fully excavated!



Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de’ Fiori is different by day and night. Mornings it’s a bustling open air marketplace, and by night it transforms into a lively night time district full of bars and restaurants.


Walk the streets

Rome is a great city to walk, explore, get a little lost but discover some great sights all by foot!













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