12 Foods to try in Japan


Japanese Katsu Curry

Katsu curry is traditionally pork and is accompanied with rice and a curried thick stew of potatoes, carrots, onions and topped with pickles. If you love a good Indian Curry then you will appreciate this – especially on a cold winter day in Japan! The ‘Kastu’ means the way it has been cooked – which is crumbed!


Japnese Noodle Stores

Noodle dishes are very popular in Japan – and are also inexpensive! There are noodle food stands & restaurants practically everywhere, including the train stations platforms. Udon, Soba and Ramen are some common dishes that vary in characteristics (and are ones that I love)..

Udon noodles are made from wheat flour and are thicker and chewier. Udon noodle dishes can be served either hot or cold, alongside various toppings (meat & veggies).

Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and are also gluten free!

Ramen noodles are thinner, longer and the dish generally has two main components to it which are the soup and noodles! There are MANY varieties of different dish combinations to pick from also.



Strong chance you have more than likely tried a form or two of these little dumplings before, BUT you must try these in Japan! They just taste THAT much better!




Okonomiyaki is kind of like a savoury pancake… the filling and toppings can vary according to the region in Japan, but they most commonly include any combination of cabbage, meat, seafood, dried bonito flakes, green onion, pickled red ginger and a mayonnaise and special Okonomikyaki sauce…
This dish is most popular in Hiroshima and Osaka region, where they each specialise in slightly different cooking methods!


photo cred: www.tofugu.com

photo cred: www.tofugu.com



Crepes in Japan are done so amazingly well – they are light, fluffy and deliciously good! They are many variations to pick from e.g. banana & chocolate, strawberries & whipped cream, green tea etc … Head to Harajuku in Tokyo for some seriously good combinations and watch as they make them.



Yakiniku is similar to Korean BBQ only Japanese style. Beef is (most commomly) used, in bite size pieces.



Yakitori is a variety chicken parts e.g chicken heart, liver, brain etc that are skewered. I remember eating yakitori in a tiny alleyway restaurant in Shinjuku..I didnt really know what I was eating until later but nonetheless I really enjoyed it!




Agedashi Tofu
You’ll never know Tofu could taste so good until you try proper Agedashi Tofu..Japanese have it down pat and it’s super yum.




Takoyaki is made from all sorts of goodies, but the main being parts of an octopus. They are a popular Osaka street food and specialty to the area, so expect to see it everywhere there.


Karagge is Japanese’s take on deep fried chicken..and it’s so delicious!


Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are the most fun to pick up at any train station to take with you before a long train ride – or even a short one for that matter. If you don’t read Japanese, chances are you might not even know what you are picking but whatever you pick will be great anyway!


Japanese Pastries and Desserts

Japanese have an abundance of pastry and dessert stores! There pastry skills are amazing and the detailed design in some of their desserts is outstanding!




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