14 Tips & secrets to healthy & nourished skin


I’ve never been one of those people who have been blessed with perfect, glowing and blemish free skin..I have always struggled with millions of blackheads, blemishes and an oily complexion that to this day, I still struggle with sometimes!

One thing however is, I’ve always had a pretty steady beauty regime since I was a teenager..the whole cleanse, tone and moisturise thing was drilled into me early on and since, I’ve learned some other great ways (and products) that I believe improve my skin greatly that I thought I would share on here…



It probably comes as no surprise here but yes, drinking lots of H2O everyday is great for your skin. Keep yourself plenty hydrated and your skin will lovvvee you for it!



Use an exfoliater approx. 2-3 times each week will get rid of any dead skin on the surface of your skin and unblock pores. Dead skin cells cause oil and bacteria to get trapped in the pores but by gently scrubbing dead skin cells away you’ll be left with smooth and refreshed skin. *tip: don’t over do it and exfoliate any more than 3 times a week or you will be stripping all of the natural oils from your skin.


Sleep time

Getting enough beauty sleep each night is arguably one of the most important skincare tips and one that is so often overlooked. 8 hours is the ideal amount of time so aim for anything close to that and you will be benefiting your skin more than know!


Wear sunscreen

I beg you to wear sunscreen EVERYDAY. Yes, absolutely everyday! There are just too many benefits of wearing SPF that you couldn’t not.. Not only does it prevent skin cancers and loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, but did you know that sunscreen slows down the development of premature ageing?! Even on a cloudy day wearing SPF will protect your skin from strong UV rays from the sun. If the thought of wearing a thick, pasty sunscreen underneath your make up puts you off, the good news is that there are so many new formulations of 30 and 50+ daily face moisturisers on the market that are brilliant. My personal favourite I use is Natio’s 50+ daily moisturiser…it’s a dream and so lightweight!


Cleanse day and night

Having clean skin is a necessity to clear skin and washing your face properly day and night is very important. I always double cleanse my face and neck – first cleanse to clean off any makeup or excess dirt and grime on the surface and the second cleanse to really get in and clean the skin.


Never sleep with makeup on

Like the previous point (of cleansing day and night), I would never go to bed with a face full of makeup. I know it can be tempting not to after a late night out and I have done it before to know, but I just always feel a million bucks better when I’ve had a shower and washed my makeup off. Sleeping with makeup really clogs up your pores.


Facial masks

Oh my gosh, facial masks would have to be one of my favourite beauty regimes of all time. There are so many different types of masks, DIY treatments and formulas to use it is incredible – all without visiting a salon that is!

Facial masks are a great way to improve the overall appearance of your skin and depending on what your skin is needing, the mask type can vary. Generally speaking, clay masks are great for oily, blemishes and clogged skin while hydration masks work a treat obviously for dull, dry skin types.

I also love the DIY facial peels from selected chemists (Priceline is great for all you Aussies). There are many out there but a tried and tested one I love is Dr Lewinns Micro Cellular Age Correcting Peel. I use it once every two weeks and its basically a clear peel I lather over my skin and leave for abut 15 mins before rinsing off. Afterwards, my skin feel ahhhh-mazing!


Wash your pillow cases

I try to wash my dirty pillowcases at least once or twice a week to keep them clean and bacteria free. Every night your face is touching your pillowcase, transferring oil and bacteria onto the fabric and exposing your skin to the same oil and bacteria night after night. This can cause breakouts to your face overtime so washing them will ensure they are consistently being cleaned from any possible bacteria and oils.


Know the benefits of moisturisers and serums

Apply moisturiser day and night to keep your skin looking super supple and healthy. Moisturisers not only delay signs of ageing they also aid in collagen and elastin production.
To see a noticeable improvement in your skin, make sure you are using a moisturiser that is formulated for your individual skin type.

And as for serums, these are a must beauty product for glowing skin! Serums are far more concentrated than moisturisers which allow them to penetrate deeper into the skin, giving your skin the benefits it needs. They are super lightweight and for the best results, pop a small amount on as soon as you get out of the shower at night and follow with moisturiser after.


Stress less

Stress really does put strain on not only your body but your skin too. It’s believed stress increases the body’s production of hormones, known as cortisol, which can make skin oilier and decreases its ability to fight off acne-causing bacteria. So stress less!


Break a sweat

Break a sweat and your skin will thankyou for it! Exercise will increase your blood flow, get your blood pumping and giving you rosier cheeks and a layer of sweat to wash off.


Watch your diet

If you are eating oily, processed or sugary foods or drinks constantly, it isn’t doing you skin any favours. A healthy, balanced diet full of veggies, lean proteins and Low GI carbohydrates will nourish your skin and inside and out.


Clean makeup brushes

I need to do this way more often than I currently do, but cleaning your make up brushes will prevent growing bacteria and oils from spreading from constant contact – pretty much the same deal just like your pillow cases. I rinse my brushes under warm water with my Joico shampoo and lay them out to dry at night so they are dry in the morning.


Embrace makeup free days

Having days were you just go completely bare faced are the best and I am gradually learning to love them more and more. Letting your skin breathe feels so good and especially if you always wear make up to work etc.

When I do wear makeup, lately I have opted to wear BB creams over foundation a lot of the time now, as I find it feels lighter on my face and I get far less congestion than wearing foundation constantly!


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