18 Fun & interesting facts about Dubai!


After my first visit to Dubai, I was equally as intrigued by the place as I was in awe…From the peaceful desert sands to the rapidly growing city that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, they definitely don’t do things by halves here but who’s complaining?!

Here are some weird, wonderful, fun and interesting facts you might not know about Dubai already!


Approximately 85% of the population is foreign – locals (Emiratis) make up approx. 15%


Dubai’s artificial Palm Islands imported enough sand to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings


One out of every 4 cranes on Earth is located in Dubai



Dubai has zero bebt tolerance – If you fall into default on your credit cards and miss payments, you can be sent to jail or deported.


Dubai has no address system, no zip codes, no area codes and no postal system. Instead of a line for address, there is a space to draw a map or leave instructions. This is due to the rate at which Dubai is growing!


The Dubai police drive cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys. Oh and , Dubai’s police spend more on each of their super cars than it costs to send a child to college.


There are hundreds of mosques throughout Dubai and the call to prayer can be heard throughout the city.


The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping centre in the world with over 1,200 stores.


Dubai’s metro station opened in Dubai 2009 and consists of 42 stations and was built in only 18 months!



The Burj Khalifa stands so tall that the residents on the 80th floor and higher see the sun longer than others living in on the lower and ground levels.


There’s not only air conditioning inside buildings and shopping centres, but also at bus stops.


The Burj Al Arab uses enough gold inside to cover 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings


Crime rate is virtually zero across the city. Dubai is one of the safest places on earth.


It rarely ever rains in Dubai. On average about 13 centimetres is their annual rainfall.


Dubai has the world’s tallest building and man-made structure, Burj Khalifa. It is roughly three times the height of the Eiffel Tower, stands 2,717 feet high with 164 levels..



The very famous Palm Jumeirah (the palm tree shaped island offshore) is the largest man-made island in the world and is visible from space!



If you live in Dubai, you don’t have to pay any personal income taxes..pretty cool right?!


A liquor license in Dubai must be obtained for you to enjoy an alcoholic drink, even in the comfort of your home


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