15 reasons why Tokyo is one of the best cities (in my opinion!)



Japan is a country of very low crime. Assaults and muggings are practically unheard of, and unless you’re a member of the yakuza you’re unlikely to run into any trouble. According to statistics, Tokyo’s homicide rate is a mild 0.4 per 100,000 people, compared to 5.6 in New York.  So overall, Tokyo remains far safer than bigger cities such as London, New York and Paris.



Tokyo have a whole district (Akihabara) dedicated to everything and anything electronic. Anything you need you will find in Tokyo.


Ride the best train system in the world

Gone are the days of driving and fuel. Tokyo’s train systems work like clock work; in fact they have even been named the most efficient and punctual train system in the world! Not to mention, there are subways everywhere making them so assessable for every day business workers and commuters.  Oh, and they are super cheap too!


Individuality and pop culture

Japanese embrace there individuality and express it through fashion, stepping onto the streets with some pretty wacky but totally awesome fashion styles and trends!  Japanese pop culture has developed into such a free style trend that value individual uniqueness and is this is very evident in Japan, particularly Tokyo.


Visit a cat cafe

​At Nekorobi in Takadanobaba there is a cat café, where you can simply relax after work and enjoy the company of many cats while you have a drink.


Convenient stores are indeed convenient

Convenient stores in Tokyo actually are very convenient! You will see many Family Marts, 7-Elevens and Lawsons around the city and well, that is because there are approx. 5000 of them scattered around Tokyo! Most, if not all, are open 24 hours and do offer a range of services besides just picking up snacks and coffee (which they do brilliant).


Take a dip in the hot springs

There certainly can be perks of living in a volcanically active country, and that is of course the natural hot springs throughout Japan, and Tokyo included.


Cosy bars and restaurants – especially in Winter

For a city with such a big population, space is pretty overrated. Tokyo have the cosiest little bars and restaurants than anywhere else in the world, but despite invasion of personal space and crowded rooms, this makes them the most memorable night outs.


Weekend getaways

From Tokyo, there a number of places both north and south of Tokyo you can head to for an affordable weekend away, plus getting there in no time at all. Take the Shinkansen train and it will cut the distance off even more!


You don’t need to speak Japanese

You definitely don’t need to speak Japanese to visit Tokyo. Knowing a few simple words please (kudasai), thankyou (arigato) will never hurt but no need to stress. English is widely spoken and understood by many, and many restaurants have English menus. And besides, the Japanese are a super friendly bunch!



Tokyo is an incredible city for shopping. They have hundreds of multiple level department stores plus even more smaller boutiques shops and districts in the city that are dedicated to fashion trends; Fashion here is a way of life!



The food here is outstanding and it goes without saying. Tokyo locals will line up for hours for decent food! There is no shortage of great restaurants around the city that can dish up some incredible Jap cuisine.




Nail salons are open 24/7

If you fancy getting your nails done in the early hours of the morning, don’t sweat it coz you will probably come by plenty of nail salons around the city that will happily give you a manicure despite the hour.


Tokyo is full of culture

Tokyo is streaming full of culture from every direction you look. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city streets, a short walk you can find yourself in a lush green park where you would feel a million miles away from any city, or get amongst the locals and master the trains and the subway, shop street style in Harajuku, or maybe indulge in delicate pastries and desserts down alleyway boutiques.



Tokyo hold many festivals throughout the year, some very cultural and traditional which makes them even more unique than most other cities!

A few such as…

Golden Dragon Festival –  A long, golden dragon is paraded through the temple grounds at the Sensou-ji Temple in Asakusa.

Setsubun – Many temples in Japan have sumo wrestlers or other celebrities throwing soybeans at the crowd.

Azabu-jyuuban Festival – A very popular Japanese summer festival with traditional Japanese food booths.

Fireworks shows during July and August – Summer fireworks shows happen all over Japan, and are in various location throughout Tokyo during the Summer months.

Paper Fan Festival – In Saitama Prefecture, a festival with a parade of floats and paper fans.

Cherry Blossom Viewing – Cherry Blossom Viewing involves setting up a picnic under the trees and enjoying the view of the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Usually in Tokyo this is from mid -late March to early April.









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