Berlin for first time visitors: Must see Berlin attractions!


Walk the Berlin Wall

The wall is a must visit site to even come close to imagining what life was like in those days when Berlin was divided. Most of the Wall has since been dismantled however some sections still stand and the most famous section that still stands is the East Side Gallery. Berlin has made the Wall a very public (and free) memorial for visitors to experience.





Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the border crossing point between East and West Berlin when the Wall divided the city, which now, is a popular tourist attraction.



Museums and art culture

There is an abundance of museums to explore in Berlin as well as art galleries!

Museum Island is where you’ll find many of the city’s oldest and greatest museums such as Old Museum (Altes Museum)built in 1830, as well as the New Museum (Neues Museum), National Gallery and Bode Museum (home to some of the city’s finest antiquities), The Pergamon and the Old National Gallery.

Other (but not all) galleries and museums can include:

– Museum Berggruen

– Neues Museum

-Berlinische Galerie (art gallery)

– KW Institute for Contemporary Art (art gallery)

– Jewish History Museum

– Topography of Terror.This one is a free open air museum that documents the terror and horror of the Nazi regime. It’s a very organised exhibition with everything laid out chronologically and information provided in both German and English. It really gives an insight into the Nazi regime operated and also life under the Nazi’s. It’s a real eye opener!


Holocaust Memorial

This is the Memorial dedicated to all of the murdered Jews after World War II. It comprises of 2,711 concrete blocks spread over an area the size of two soccer fields. There is no right way to walk through the memorial; visitors can walk through from any direction as there is no set pattern to the stones. It was very cleverly and symbolically designed with a display of large blocks of different heights and the uneven dipped surface of the memorial.



Hire a bike

Berlin is a pretty big and spread out city with lots to see and do, and although you can explore it by foot (or on their super efficient train system), hire a bike and explore it! It’s very cheap and you can also take part in bike and walking tours around the city.


The Genermenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is known as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe with three landmark buildings: the Französischer Dom (French cathedral), Deutscher Dom (German cathedral) and the Konzerthaus (concert hall).


Roam the Flea Market

Mauerpark is where you’ll find Berlin’s most famous flea market Charlottenburg, with vintage clothes but also food and art!



There is an abundance of food to be tried in Berlin with quite an array of scattered food markets and street food locations around the city…

Farmer’s Market:

– Prenzlauer Berg – open Saturdays

– Hackescher Market – open Thursdays 9am – 6pm & Saturdays 10am – 6pm

– Friedrichshain – open Saturday 8am-2.30pm

Schöneberg – open Saturday 8am-4pm





Street Food:

– Street Food at Markthalle Neun
– Bite Club Street Food Market
– Neue Heimat Street Food Markets
– Klunkerkranich Food Market


Brandenburg Gate

Undoubtedly one of the most photographed sites in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. It is free of charge to visit and really is a stunning piece of architecture in the city. It was built in the 1700s and was used as one of the Berlin Wall crossings.



Entertainment at Mauerpark

This is also where the flea market is located, however if you are here on a Sunday, it’s the place to be! On Sundays from about 3pm there is free entertainment and Karaoke to be enjoyed.


Relax in a park and visit Tiergarten

Berlin’s largest inner-city park is a popular place amongst locals to come and for a walk or relaxing picnic. Tiergarten has also been dubbed New York’s ‘Central Park’ of Berlin.












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