Travel Fit: 6 ways to keep fit and exercise while you are travelling


I’m definitely not too proud to admit it feels so much harder and a lot more effort to stay fit and allow time to exercise where you’re away from home. You don’t always have a set out schedule to stick to as you probably would at home so fitting in the time can be pretty annoyingly difficult sometimes.

That doesn’t mean its impossible though, in fact travelling is definitely a good excuse to change things up a little! Here are 6 ways I use to stay fit ..


1. Pilates Theraband

I always pack my Pilates theraband band into my bag whenever I travel! It literally takes up zero room in my bag and weighs nothing. I find it to be the perfect strength and toning tool that can effectively isolate targeted muscle groups and workout your entire body. I try to whip out the band each morning before I start the day or each evening before bed, even if its just to stretch – anything is better than nothing! You can pick up therabands from any fitness store, even supermarkets are starting to sell them in their sporting section or online sell them a lot cheaper than sporting stores!


2. Youtube and Instagram Vids

If you have access to Wi-Fi and have your phone, computer or ipad handy, there are many great videos on Youtube to watch. With Instagram too, there are also many profiles of fitness gurus who share videos of quick workout routines. I find this super ideal for when you feel strapped for time or just want a quick workout to repeat a few times.
And also, I love looking through healthy food instagrams that post plenty of food inspo and recipes. I always find them so refreshing and keeps me motivated to eat yummy BUT healthy food when I’m away!


3. Skipping rope

Skipping is a full body workout that will get your heart rate up quicker than the treadmill will, plus have you burning more calories in a shorter amount of time too. If you aren’t used to skipping, it will be challenging at first but it is really one of he best HIIT (high intensity) workouts you can do and you will SWEAT! The good thing about skipping is also the fact the rope you can roll right up in your suitcase (like the Pilates theraband) and take it out when you want to use it.


4. Gym access

It could be an idea to suss out prior to booking accommodation if there is a gym located in or nearby your accommodation. It’s definitely worth searching around online for the right accommodation if know you will use the facilities while you’re away.


5. Fitness Magazines

Despite my best intentions to pack as light as possible, if I know I’ve got a long haul flight or stopover ahead of me, I tend to head for the nearest newsagency to pick up a health and fitness magazine. This may be a bad habit but it always supplies me hours of entertainment either on the plane or killing hours waiting at an airport, so I don’t mind lugging a mag around so much! Many of the health and fitness mags will have a workout spread/section with workout routines that can be done with just your body weight and are easy guides to follow.


6. Join up to outdoor activities

Set yourself a goal to be as active as you can in every way possible! Of course depending on the location you are travelling to and the time of year can determine a lot, but you could consider signing up to fun activities such as bike riding, swimming/snorkelling, surfing, skiing/snowboarding, hiking etc.. they are all fun and exhilarating ways that require you to move your body and a great break from working out in a sweaty, smelly gym if you usually workout indoors!


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