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1. Traditional Czech food is heavy on the meat and carbs. Expect to see lots of goulash and dumplings, pork knuckle, sausages and bread. If you are a vegetarian, you might find this part of Europe to be particularly harder to source non meat dishes.
And the beer. You must try to the beer here! There are so many different flavours and varieties to try…


2. Pickpockets are a threat. There’s no need to be overly paranoid about it, but just keep your wits about you, especially in touristy areas and don’t make yourself a target and you wont have an issue. I personally didn’t have any issues at all.


3. Be wary of scammers who want to make quick money. Sadly they are out there with ill intentions wanting to scam tourists who don’t know any better, however this is a small minority so don’t think all of Prague is like that.

Some tips;

– Never give your passport to anyone even if they claim to be a policeman or women undercover. If they are a legitimate police officer, ask to go to the nearest police station.

– If you are catching any of the trains and get asked to show your ticket by a train inspectator not in uniform, don’t believe them when they tell you your ticket is invalid and they give you a fine. Real inspectors are required to show you a badge and wear uniforms.

– Avoid picking up a taxi on the street, especially in more touristy areas, as you’ll nearly always pay more than you should (airport taxis tend to be the exception). Use official taxi stand places as you know they will be legitimate taxi drivers and know that it is illegal for a driver to refuse you a receipt if you ask.


4. Prague have 4 distinct seasons. Weather can play a big part of when is best to visit a country and Prague is no different. Winter is very cold, with temperatures staying at or below freezing for continuous days and it can snow. Summer is the warmest, usually during July and August, however sometimes Summer brings more rain. Spring and Autumn still hold cool temperatures but are considered the best times for sight seeing.


5. Prague is super cheap. The local currency is Czech Koruna however Euros are also accepted at some stores, but not all. Your best bet is to come with the Czech currency on hand so you aren’t relying solely on Euros.
That aside, Prague is a cheap place to travel to and used to be even more so, but over the years has gradually become slightly more expensive as more tourists are discovering Prague’s charm. Alas, you can still find super cheap food and drink here, as well as decent prices for accommodation, transport and tours. Prague is definitely still a city you can do on the cheap!


6. Prague is incredibly photogenic – so remember to take your camera and get some amazing shots! Everywhere you look from the landscape to the architecture, street alleyways and cobblestone street and food markets, you will find some beautiful uniqueness to photograph.


7. Dogs are allowed everywhere. On the metro, in restaurants, in your office while you work… Czech people love dogs!


8. Prague is a walking city. They do have a public transport system but it’s possible to not even need it when visiting Prague. Just remember to pack some comfortable walking shoes!


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