7 Reasons why I LOVE Pilates


I had my first ever pilates class when I was about 19 and since then, I haven’t really been able to look back since! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love lifting weights at the gym and doing plenty of resistance and weight training (which I predominately do when I train), but Pilates takes a totally different approach that I also love..it’s all about building lean and long muscles, not short and bulky. So, while you may not be lifting anything heavy in Pilates, you aren’t doing yoga poses either (yawn).

There are so many great benefits of Pilates, below are some of the reasons why I love it so much:


Eases back pain and improves posture

Pilates is an absolute killer workout for your abs/core, but did you know a stronger core also equals a better back?..if you often get lower back pain, it could likely be because your muscles are weaker in that area, but once you strengthen them, it will not only create less pain but also prevent injury from occurring! Pilates can definitely make a huge difference!


Tone and definition

Pilates is a great strength training and sculpting workout that isolates muscle groups and focuses on building longer and leaner muscles as opposed to short and bulky..


Increases flexibility

Pilates increases your flexibility, coordination and balance, which reduces the risk of potential injuries as well as muscle tension and stiffness. There are so many different exercises and stretches, plus slow and controlled movements involved in Pilates and they all go a long way in creating better flexibility.


Develops great core strength

Pilates is ahhh-mazing for your abs…it really strengthens your abdominal muscles like no other form of workout (seriously)! It targets the deep abdominal muscles like the transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis muscles and works by focusing on developing strength of the deeper muscles of the core. As all of our muscles are connected through our core, as a result, this actually compliments other areas of gym training too! With a stronger core the rest of your workouts improve 🙂


It’s relaxing – but also challenging

Most Pilates movements are pretty low impact and there are modifications that can always be made to the exercises to allow for a range of difficulty from beginning to advance level. Basically it can be as hard and challenging as you want it to be…I love that Pilates is perfect for anyone of all fitness levels.


You can do it anywhere – and it’s cheap

You can do Pilates just about anywhere ie. at home, in the gym or on holidays..all you really need is your body weight to use as resistance, with the option to add equipment in such as a theroband to increase the intensity.


It’s a full body workout

Pilates works your entire body, giving you a full body workout in one session. Unlike many other forms of exercise which only target specific muscle groups, Pilates works on the whole body at once.


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