Why is stretching so important?

When was the last time you dedicated any time to stretching? Do you spend at least 5 mins before or after you exercise to stretch it out?

If you’re like me and don’t spend nearly enough time stretching, like ever, now might be the time to start! The benefits it has to our bodies that we often overlook because we are time poor are amazing and you certainly don’t need to by a gym junkie to gain the benefits.


Increases your range of motion and flexibility

It’s a no brainer stretching is the most effective way to improve your overall flexibility, but it also helps increase your range of motion. Tighter muscles mean less range of motion and more risk of injury. Ever been at the gym and feel like you aren’t squatting as low as you used to or are you beginning to feel tight or sore in certain muscle groups you never used to? Tight muscles needs not only decent recovery time but some love (stretching).



Did you know that better circulation helps the body to recover faster? Stretching improves your overall blood circulation as it increases blood flow to the muscles and as a result, assists the body in recovery. So the better circulation, the better it is for your recovery!


Prevents Injury

Injuries can occur when you work out with cold, tight muscles, which is why many professionals recommend doing a quick stretch/warm up prior to beginning your workout. As you stretch, you loosen up your muscles and your joints, which will improve your performance and also helps to reduce risk of injury.


It’s Relaxing

Taking as little as 5 to 10 mins out to stretch each day can actually be quite therapeutic and relaxing, especially if you are always on the go or have a stressful job. I find first up in the morning or before bed are the best times! It’s amazing what a little stretching can do for stress relief.
Additionally, taking up yoga a class once a week could be a great option!


Improves posture and overall stance

The more time you spend stretching the more your muscles will make you look and feel taller. Like Pilates, stretching also improves your back, your neck and shoulder strength.
Did you know one of the most common causes of back pain is the tightening of muscles in your lower back? By doing regular back exercises, you will ease the stress on your spine.


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