8 Essential Travel tips to know about Switzerland


Although Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe, I strongly urge you not to let this deter you from experiencing what would have to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth! This enchanting country nestled between Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, is home to enough gorgeous scenery and cottage quaintness to make your heart melt!



Expect Switzerland to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The landscapes are breathtaking and each Swiss city will capture your heart one way or another. It’s home to lakes, endless lush green fields, hiking, picturesque mountainsides and little cottage houses that make you want to just pack up and live in Switzerland (well for me anyway)!



Switzerland has four national languages with three of them heavily spoken in various regions of the country. So when traveling throughout Switzerland be prepared to encounter various languages depending on what city you’re visiting. As a rule of thumb, German is mostly spoken in the north and middle/eastern parts of Switzerland, while with French predominantly in the west and Italian in the south!



Time is important to the Swiss and everything runs by clockwork. Like to the dot. If you’re train is leaving at 3:05pm and you get there at 3:06pm you can bet you have missed your train ride! Furthermore if you are planning to spend a week or so in Switzerland, purchasing a train pass is something to consider as it will not only save you money but is a very efficient way to travel across the country from city to city. You can also use the Swiss Travel Pass for buses, boats and to obtain free admission fees for various museums.



Switzerland isn’t very budget friendly. It’s quite an expensive country to visit, with everything from food, accommodation and activity expenditures being much higher than anywhere else in Europe.

Tip: The Euro is accepted throughout Switzerland, however it be beneficial to exchange some currency for Francs (local currency) prior to arriving as almost everywhere you go will prefer the local currency.



The food is really good here, but again, is expensive especially to eat out at restaurants. A cheaper option is to buy meals at any local supermarkets and deli’s. If travelling by train or various other public transport, pack some food to avoid buying on board and same goes for if you go to the Swiss Alps; opt to buy some pre packaged sandwiches or snacks at any local supermarket to avoid the high costs in those touristy places.



Explore the Alps – A visit to Switzerland wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Swiss Alps. With sweeping views, hiking trails in summer and world class winter sports in winter, each season holds plenty to see and do and the Alps are beautiful all year round!



You will feel super safe in Switzerland and everyone is super friendly. It’s a country of low crime and robberies, and often locals don’t even lock their houses up!



Wifi is available throughout Switzerland; however most places (restaurants as well as your accomm) will make you pay a fee to use it.










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