7 experiences to have in Waikiki


Waikiki, located on Hawaii’s main island of Oahu, is an immensely popular hotspot for many travellers all year round seeking sun, surf and delightfully hot weather. With the amount of tourists that flock the beaches along Waikiki and other surrounding areas, there really is no other way than to just embrace being tourist and blend right in with everyone else..And while you are at it, these 7 things you may as well give a go!!


Diamond Head Trail

Diamond Head Trail is unquestionably one of the most popular hikes in Oahu and for good reason; the panoramic postcard worthy views of Waikiki and the Pacific Sea are incredible! To reach the summit, just be prepared to take lots of steep stairs and be able to walk over uneven grounding in some areas throughout the hike up. It is definitely worth the stunning views once you reach the lookout and you don’t have to be an athlete by any means to be able to complete the hike.

*Just note it does cost about $1 U.S per person to complete the trail and $5 per car to park at the bottom.




Spend time at the beach and consider the beach activities for extra fun

A trip to Waikiki isn’t a trip complete without taking a dip in the ocean…there is plenty of it! The soft sand and crystal clear blue water is so tempting you won’t be able to stay away from it for very long. There are plenty of fun activities to be had in the water such as stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, snorkelling, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and so on….these activities are all easily available along the beach.




Waikiki’s nightlife

Waikiki is bustling with life day and night, however night time is a whole different spectrum on the streets. There are many options to explore in Waikiki that are a whole lotta fun and you don’t have to be over 21 to enjoy them. There are almost always live entertainment acts like magicians and/or dancers showing off there talent on the streets for onlookers to admire and for those who love to shop are in luck as shops stay open late every night of the week.

For those over 21 can enjoy live bands playing in restaurants and bars and you would be surprised by the amount of hidden bars and nightclubs that you wouldn’t have known existed during the day that come to life after dark!



Shopping in Hawaii is a not to missed activity, especially if you love shopping. Ala Moana shopping centre is one of the largest outdoor malls in the world, and with access to some of Hawaii’s best brands and massive department stores you will be soaking in their ultra chic fashion trends and designer labels. And if that isn’t enough, there are many large department stores in Downtown Waikiki such as H&M, forever 21, Victoria Secret, Loui Vuitton plus many more…

And if you are holidaying from somewhere like Australia, the cheaper prices for many popular brands are very attractive, so be sure to check them out!




Learn to surf

Of course if you aren’t already a pro surfer, then it’s the perfect place to learn how! Take the opportunity to get a surf lesson while you are in Hawaii, and learn from the experienced… They do after all have some of the best and well known surf swells than anywhere else in the world. And plus, it’s a great excuse to pick up a new skill while on holidays!




Dine at the cheesecake factory

While there are loadsss of restaurants, diners and eateries of every sort throughout Oahu particularly Waikiki that you could imagine, the Cheesecake Factory is an old favourite of mine that never fails to impress. The menu reads a wide array of foods – and no, not just cheesecake though the cheesecake list is a few pages long- but everything from Mexican, pizza, pasta, steaks, seafood, salads plus more….

Word of warning before you arrive and are instantly disappointed by the 50 minute wait, timing is everything here and they take no bookings so if you are wanting to go for dinner, arrive early – as in before sunset early to avoid crowds and a line out the door! Lunch time is my personal favourite as it always seems a lot less busy and more subdued. They are a very popular place, and of course for a good reason.




Watch a sunset and really enjoy it

The sunsets are amazing here.. I recommend getting a spot on the beach for a perfect view as you slowly watch the sun sink behind the horizon. Just beautiful.




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