Avoid common sugar traps at breakfast when traveling


Often when you are travelling you don’t always have that luxury to make your own meals, and I always find breakfast to be especially hard. Having to rely on the buffet breakfasts at your accommodation isn’t always the ideal situation you want to be in, or having to source your own breakfast at local cafe’s, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!

You may be a little more limited to choices but this doesn’t mean throw away your healthy ambitions, it is still possible to remain your usual healthy self, just be prepared to sacrifice and give a little…


1. Fruit Juice

At breakfast, this is a VERY popular option and often served at most hotels, hostels and B&B’s; it’s almost unavoidable. One thing to realise is that just one glass of say, apple juice, can contain a whopping 10-11 teaspoons of sugar! If you absolutely have to have juice though, the freshly squeezed sort from juice bars is best. Or alternatively grab a veggie juice (think green juice yum!).


2. Muesli Bars & health food bars

They can seem like a great snack option to carry in your bag for when the hunger pains hit, however most health bars, muesli bars and protein bars aren’t all that great for you. What I’m saying is, they are loaded with lots of hidden sugars, some even containing 70% sugar. I like to stick you plain nuts like almonds for in between meal snacks.


3. Low fat or flavoured yoghurt

By avoiding the full fat in products you get more added sugar, and same deal with flavoured yoghurt…if you can help it, side step both and grab some full fat, unflavoured Greek yoghurt all the way! Usually amongst the flavoured yoghurts there will be a plain option at the buffet table. Pair with fresh fruit or oats and you will have yourself a delicious breaky!


4. ‘Healthy’ isn’t always so

Reading the words ‘healthy’ or ‘gluten free’ or ‘no added sugar’ listed across bars, muffins, cookies or slices of any sort is more than likely to be a trap.. unless you can read the ingredients to know this, best to step away from the (triple choc) muffin!


5. Cereals

Cereals such as cocoa pops and corn flakes are a very popular staple in many buffet breakfasts, however as far as cereals go, a far better option would be to pick the plain oats if there is any. Or alternatively grab a slice or two of wholemeal or wholegrain toast.


6. Pastries and Sweets

The croissants look pretty amazing (as well as taste amazing) but they aren’t the best option if you are health conscious. Same goes for any sugary sweets and desserts that can sometimes make there way to the Buffet table.


7. Sauce
Anything heavily smothered in sauce isn’t great as sauce is loaded with sugar (BBQ, tomato, relish, salad dressings).


Great Options I often look for..

Below are some better options that I personally prefer to stick to if I can and of course given the option is available (which it isn’t always)….

– Eggs, eggs, eggs (poached, fried, boiled, scrambled etc..)

– Fresh fruit and veggies

– Avocado

– wholemeal or multigrain bread over white.

– Plain, unflavoured Greek yoghurt

– Oats

– Cold lean meats such as turkey & chicken

– Breakfast wraps you can make yourself or know exactly what is in it



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