8 Reasons How Travel Has Changed Me


Wanderlust – I believe I will forever have that desire to explore and experience what the world has to offer. I don’t think the excitement of travelling to new places will ever disappear!




I have gained an appreciation for the freedom of the country I live in, my home and for my friends & family. The little things in life can go by unnoticed without any thought of importance until you travel to less fortunate places that you are opened up to cultural differences and see how unfortunate others are and the conditions they live in etc. Then you realise those little things are big things for some people…and it has made me never take anything for granted and to be thankful and grateful for what I’ve have got.




Nothing can teach you independence and life experience like travelling does. There is only so much school teaches you, and in comparison to being out in the big wide world, nothing really compares! It may seem like a scary or daunting thing, travelling to a foreign country by yourself and no one can understand you or vice versa. Self-resilience is quickly gained and it’s surprising how easy reading body and sign language becomes when communicating across languages!




Travel has given me a better perspective of life and has allowed me to see just how many opportunities are out there. My future is shining bright and I can now see it.




Traveling has taught me get out of my comfort zone. I am stronger, braver and more capable than I ever thought I was.




Some of my best travel moments have been from utter spontaneous, living in the moment and being completely carefree. In the first month after turning 21, I decided to book a spontaneous & rather last minute holiday to Dubai to visit a friend, leaving a few weeks after booking it. The week after, I found myself still itching for another adventure, so I began booking for a 2 month solo adventure in Europe for 6 months later. Best decision I have ever made and haven’t looked back since.




I value experiences and memories over things. There was a time when I would spend money on buying new clothes, shoes and miscellaneous things frequently, but I soon realised these things held no value to me as much as the experiences I was gaining from traveling. And so, I really do believe that ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer…’




I conquered my fears. Well partially. Being terrified of heights I didn’t think I would ever consider any form of activity that involved me gliding high in the air..but I did. I went Para-gliding in the Austria Alps. May not have been as extreme as sky diving or bungy jumping, but it was enough for me..and I did thoroughly enjoy the views and the experience!



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