Fitness: 6 reasons & benefits to lift weights


For those who shy away from the weights at gym or lift light weights that don’t challenge you in the fear they will become big, bulky and masculine looking, I can assure you, you most certainly won’t!! Lifting weights have soooo many more benefits than cardio training alone does and I am one that can most definitely vouch for this..
I love not only the results I get from lifting weights and resistance training, but that post workout feeling after a killer session 🙂

Here’s some reasons why I love it:


You’ll burn fat and build muscle all at once

Lifting weights burns loads of calories and will continue to do so for hours after your workout. If you are looking to lean out or show more muscle definition, weights can help you build a leaner physique faster than cardio alone. While cardio is still important (for cardiovascular fitness and fat burning too), you won’t gain any muscle definition from doing only cardio. You can effectively be a fat burning machine, burn a load of calories and reap the benefits even after your workout is done from weight training alone, so its definitely a winner!


Metabolism boost

More muscle equals higher resting metabolism, meaning you’ll burn more calories while you are resting, sleeping and at work etc. Lifting weights also revs up your metabolism – which is a great thing. Eating more frequently and with the correct nutrition, your body will love you 🙂


Reduce back pain and strengthen bone density

Weights can reduce lower back pain. If you are prone to back soreness, the stronger you become, you will probably find back pain will subside. This of course, has a lot to do with maintaining a good form throughout your workouts (which is very important), otherwise you will injury yourself. Tip: deadlifts and rows are great!

Weight training also strengthens your bones and improves all over full body strength, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis!


Feel stronger

Having more muscle means you are stronger and fitter. You’ll quickly discover just how quickly your body adapts and how important it is to keep challenging yourself to lift heavier and use different equipment (dumbbells/barbell/gym machines) to keep your body challenged and always guessing.


Relieves stress

Weight training has been shown to reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and creates a sense of happiness (releases those happy endorphins!). Whenever you are feeling stressed or had a bad day, a good workout session will make you feel a thousand times better – works for me!


You’ll feel great inside and out

Weight training gives you a sense of confidence inside and out and nothing boosts self-confidence like a body you’re proud to show off and worked hard to get. Through maintaining a healthy balanced diet, cardio and a consistent weight-training regime will you give that great feeling inside and out 🙂


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