8 things do in London for FREE


While shopping along Regent St and a visit to Harrods was an absolute blast on my first trip to London (and I still recommend you do) it didn’t take long to realise London was blowing a hole in my pocket – and rather quickly!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping and I definitely did not travel half way across the world to not spend some time in fashion capital LONDON! But budget or not, I think we can all agree it’s always refreshing to visit a city and not have to spend a massive amount on often overpriced touristy attractions. Luckily though, London can be one of those cities where you don’t have to! In fact, there are actually loads of great London experiences for the price of nothing..zilch, zero!

All you will need is your camera, water bottle and walking shoes (and maybe a map is a great idea too)!


Get a picture at platform 9 & 3/4

If you’re an amid Harry Potter fan, you will already know what i’m talking about! Kings Cross station isn’t just any ordinary station…it is where platform 9 & 3/4 lays (yeah its actually real!!!), and they have made it quite the tourist affair. Here you can get your picture taken walking ‘through’ the magical wall to Hogwarts with Hedwig’s cage and trolley.



Watch Street Entertainment

Top places to see some epic street entertainment?! Your best to head to Covent Garden, Southbank and Trafalgar Square!



Abbey Road Crossing

Follow in the famous footsteps of The Beatles and head to Abbey road for your own iconic photo walking across the zebra crossing!

photo: www.biography.com

photo: www.biography.com


Walk through the city and sightsee

For first time visitors to London, it’s almost mandatory you check out the many famous landmarks around the city such as; Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square etc. You can do all of these for the price of nothing, just by observing them 🙂

– Be sure to catch the changing on the guards at Buckingham Palace, which happens once per day.
– Get a selfie with the Big Ben and listen to him chime
– Mingle in Trafalgar Square and watch the fountains. They is also many cultural events, entertainment that takes place here.
– Get a photo with a red telephone box!




– Take a stroll along Southbank at dusk/night-time for some gorgeous views and lights. London Eye can be seen here as well and when it’s lit up, it looks really beautiful.

– If you love music, the Forge in Camden hold free music nights on Mondays (may have changed slightly now but they used to)


Enjoy London Parks

I mean it when I say there is no shortage of parks in London, and many make the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy the nature and surroundings. Alternatively you can find some excellent ones to squeeze some fitness and jogging in, or maybe deer watch or to see squirrels! Some great London parks can include; Wimbledon Common, Hyde Park, St James Park, Richmond Park, Kensington Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Stroll along Notting Hill

Walk through Notting Hill and marvel over the cuteness of the little cottage houses….

photo: agirlastyle.com

photo: agirlastyle.com

Pretty cute right?!


Museums and Galleries

London have some of the best museums and galleries in the world and there’s a handful of them that won’t cost you a thing. Check some of these ones out if they tickle your fancy:

Science Museum
Museum of London
The Victoria and Albert Museum
The British Museum
National Maritime Museum
National Gallery
London Film Museum


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