8 highlights of Mykonos


Mykonos is a gorgeous island, and for so many reasons other than just one! Although it does has a reputation nowadays for being one of the best party islands Greece has to offer, it certainly doesn’t have to be the only reason to visit..

I fell in love with maze-like cobblestone streets (it was EXACLTY how I pictured Greece to look like to a tee!), the venetian windmills, cute boutique markets and the beautiful postcard worthy sunsets! And that’s only if I have to name a few things. I could go on and on about how much I adore Mykonos, but below is a short list of my Mykonos delights!


Venetian Windmills

Undoubtedly the most recognizable feature of Mykonos is the venetian windmills, that sadly no long run, but still remain one of the islands most iconic landmarks. The most famous are the 5 windmills that can be seen as you are arriving to and from the island and they do look over Mykonos Town (Chora). They are definitely, in my opinion worth the visit to see up close and just to admire them. They are gorgeous!





Little Venice

Little Venice is often pictured in many postcards you see of Mykonos and of course that is because it is in a great location! It’s right by the sea (on the western edge) and there are colourful houses that sit by the sea each with their own unique characteristic and balcony. As you walk through the narrow walkways in this area, there are many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops to dine at. Little Venice is a beautiful spot to sit back and enjoy being right by the ocean with incredible views and a pleasant atmosphere. Definitely a must do!





Visit the Armenistis Lighthouse

If you want to see some unforgettable and spectacular island and sea views of Mykonos, the Lighthouse is strategically located in the perfect spot! It’s located on the north western side of Mykonos at a high elevation which overlooks the sea around Mykonos as well as the island itself. You’re best to get here via car or bike. You can hike up to it if you are a keen hiker, but it can get difficult in some parts.


Hire a quad bike

A fun, efficient and easy way to get around the island is via quad bike! This is a great option for those wanting to see parts of Mykonos that aren’t a walkable distance and there are certainly no shortages of bike hire throughout Mykonos.


Walk around Chora and Mykonos Town

Here you will find many little markets and restaurants – great for those who love shopping and eating! You can expect to see lots of shops here full of homemade jewellery, soaps and amenities plus also clothing boutiques and antic and souvenir stores.

Even if you aren’t a shopper, you will love just wandering through the cobblestoned laneways of whiteness and bright blue doors and windowsills.





While you’re here, it’s almost obligatory to spend some time soaking up the sun in one way or another and what a better way to do it than checking out the beaches throughout the island – there are quite a few to pick from!

Some can include:

strong>Platys Gialos– a family-friendly beach located about 4km from Mykonos town.

Psarou – a more upmarket beach with umbrellas and sun beds available. A smaller beach but with beautiful tranquil water and water sports can be enjoyed at Psarou.

Super Paradise – the main party beach and gets very crowded during peak season. If you are in Mykonos to party, you’ll probably find yourself here at some point.

Elia – is the longest beach on Mykonos and has also been named ‘the prettiest’ too! Elia is generally a little more quiet than some of the other popular beaches.


Watch a sunset

Mykonos sunsets are really like no other.




Eat Gyros

Gyros is DELICIOUS and I highly recommend trying one (or many) while here! If your like me, chances are you will probably become addicted and eat gyros every day : )




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