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Welcome to pocketfullofme!

Founded by Jasmine Taylor in 2014, pocketfullofme is a digital destination for all things travel, health, fitness and lifestyle related.

Born and raised on the Gold Coast in Australia, Jasmine created pocketfullofme after leaving her job as a Beauty Therapist to persue a career path in a more creative and challenging field. It was then when she begun solo traveling in her spare time and studying Graphic Design that she wanted a creative outlet online to document bits and pieces of her life; namely travel but also to share her enthusiasm and love for healthy living and everything in between. Fast forward to now, she has built up a community of like minded people from all across the world to share the most passionate parts of her life with – what a dream!!

Jasmine since has had opportunities to travel internationally working with hotel brands across Asia and the Middle East plus working alongside various health brands in creating unique content, writing reviews and/or completing photography tasks. Although she still works a full time job in design, pocketfullofme still remains her haven and escape from busy everyday life!

“She designed the life she loved…”

Pocketfullofme is dedicated to living an adventurous and vibrant life where wanderlust will spark and inspiration will spread. It’s a space you’ll find plenty of travel inspiration, simple health and fitness tips, lifestyle things and much more.


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