Amsterdam! 9 reasons why I loved it


Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and offers much more than just being the capital of the Netherlands. It’s definitely a destination that shouldn’t be overlooked if you are planning a Eurotrip in the near future! Amsterdam boats some pretty fascinating history, charming canals, quaint cobblestoned streets and beautful architecture. Of course that’s not even mentioning the ultra cool bicycle laws (bikes rules the road!) and how effortlessly easy it is to ride your way around the city and experience Amsterdam’s charm first hand….

I guess you could totally say I loved Amsterdam! Here are some reasons why:


I am Amsterdam

That famous I am Amsterdam sign is so so so touristy (and iconic) but seriously?! You just gotta get that photo!


Eat till’ your hearts content

Like Paris has crepes and London has fish and chips, Amsterdam has waffles and pancakes…and apple pie..all must try Dutch dishes, and it doesn’t stop there. Amsterdam is home to some pretty epic foodie experiences. The food is also very international, with not just Dutch food but a mix of Indonesian, Chinese and Surinam food available. Typical Dutch food can be pretty simple, hearty, soup with meat, potatoes and vegetables with either meat or fish. Oh, and cheese. Amsterdam is like the capital of cheese, and with so many cheeses to try, you’ll go insane if you’re a cheese lover.


Soak in the picturesqueness of the city

I found Amsterdam to be so beautiful and I especially loved the abundance of canals (just like Venice!) alongside the cute cobblestoned streets, bridges, gardens and the mix of charming and vibrant architecture across the city. There were parts of Amsterdam that kind of reminded me of a fairy-tale!


Bright Lights at night-time

Just like day time, night time is just as beautiful across the city! Amsterdam almost feels most romantic at night when the city is aglow from lit up bridges, canals and streets lights. Also, twice a year in April and October Dam Square hold a big Ferris Wheel and fun fare with rides that make for an enjoyable time for many visitors. I was in Amsterdam during April so was fortunate to have seen it!


World class museums are here!

Yep, for all you guys who love history you will love Amsterdam. Amsterdam is home to internationally renowned museums such as the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum..word of advice though; the Anne Frank House can get particularly busy (and I mean with like 3-4 hour queues sometimes), so definitely try and book a time slot online prior to arriving or get there early in the morning to avoid the heavier queues that build up later in the day.


Ride a bike

Amsterdam would have to be one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world! Everyone in Amsterdam seems to get around by bike rather than by car, so renting a bike to explore the city is almost a given when visiting. You can sign up to cheap tour deals and ride with a local which can admittedly feel ‘touristy’ but still, it is a great way to see the city and learn about some of the local facts you wouldn’t learn otherwise. Alternatively you can always go solo!



A total surprise was finding the shopping in Amsterdam so great! The Kalverstraat running from Dam Square to the Muntplein is the main shopping street, and definitely worth a stop for those who want to shop.


The ‘Anything goes’ sort of vibes

Amsterdam is a pretty liberal place.. as I’m sure many of you would know anyway, but it’s just their totally laid back attitude towards all things naughty i.e. prostitution, legal drugs and ‘coffee shops’ (that have been for a very long time) that make Amsterdam so unique. It can also be an eye opener, especially after dusk walking through Red Light District!


Such a people friendly city

Yep, Amsterdam is a super chilled out and friendly city. In fact the word gezellig represents Amsterdam perfectly: cozy, friendly and relaxing. Which is perfect! It really is.


I would love to know your thoughts on Amsterdam. What did YOU love about the city?!












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