Beauty DIY: Easy Facials at home


Salon facials are therapeutic and relaxing and all but they sure as hell don’t come cheap. It’s nice to book a professional one in once every so often, but if you are getting them on the regular they can burn a hole in your pocket and budget very quickly. If you’re like me and saving money is a pretty big priority right now, DIY-ing is becoming a pretty useful tactic for many things, facials included!

The following DIY facial is very basic and easy to follow yet holds the foundation of what any salon facials includes…


You’ll Need

There’s no need to go out and buy a whole new range of skincare products, just use whatever you are currently using. That is why I have kept the below list so basic as I didn’t want to name specific products or name ones that I personally use as everyone’s skin is different etc..

Small hand towel
Face mask
Serum (if using one)



1. Rinse the small hand towel in warm water and gently place over your face for a 30 secs to a minute (acts as a steamer and hot compress).

2. Dab cleanser onto your hands and rub in small circular motions all over your face, neck and décolletage. Rinse and repeat step. The first cleanse will get rid of any makeup on the surface of the skin while the second cleanse really gets in and cleans the skin and any excess dirt. Wash cleanser off.

3. Grab your exfoliant and gently rub into your skin, using small circular movements and making sure you pay extra attention to your T-Zone area (nose, chin and forehead) and the corners of your nose. Let the exfoliant sit between 1-3 minute before rinsing off. *Leaving the exfoliant on your skin for a few minutes gives the active ingredients in the product a chance to work before rinsing off.

4. Hot compress your face with the small washer until you have the entire product off.

5. Grab the face mask you are using (clay or hydration etc), spread over your face evenly and leave for directed time frame. *you could even use a peel instead of a mask

6. Wash mask off, pat face dry and put serum on first (if using one), followed by moisturizer and eye cream.

Wondering what a serum is/does? Serums are great because they penetrate deeper into the skin, providing the skin with more nutrients and goodness. Compliment this with a moisturiser and your skin will most definitely love you!


Tip – It’s super easy to do this while are in the shower! Follow all of the steps as directed, but take out the hot compress (Which you don’t really need as the hot shower steam will act as a steamer instead anyway!). Once you hop out of the shower put your face mask on and so forth…


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