Essential Beauty Products I can’t travel without


I try to keep my beauty products to an absolute minimal when I travel. Basic makeup is all I ever go for when I’m away from home and as for skin products, I always pack the most essential products that I know I will be using on the daily. Any extras simply depends on what the agenda of the trip is, for example tropical getaway vs city trip and the duration of the trip…but generally speaking, these are my essentials you’d find in my bag!


Natio Skin Perfecting BB Cream 15+

Since I discovered Natio products I haven’t looked back since. I use a range of their products at home (their moisturisers are also great FYI), but I especially love their BB cream. I prefer to wear it instead of foundation these days and I find it especially great for when I’m travelling. Its feels light on, gives me a smooth natural coverage, supplies SPF and doesn’t clog up more pores..winning!


Clinique ‘stay neutral’ Pressed Powder

I’ve been a massive fan of Clique since I was a teenager and still depend on this brand for good quality makeup and long wear. I love their powder either brushed on by itself or over the top of my BB cream to give my base a complete finish.


Estee Lauder Lipstick & Mascara

I’ve tried many brands of lipsticks but my absolute favourite brand is Estee Lauder. I love them because they are long wearing and they don’t smudge/leak. I rotate between a few shades for day and night wear but usually will only pack x2 shades maximum when I travel. Usually I stick to dark pinky tones!

As for mascara, its basically the same reason as lipstick; it doesn’t smudge or sweat on my eye lids even by the end of the day, and gives me a natural look.


Natio Eyebrow Kit

Here I am harping on about Natio again, but this eyebrow kit is the creme de la creme when it comes to natural looking brows! The kit is only small and comes with a tiny brush and tweezers but I usually use my own eyebrow brush to just lightly stroke the colour into my brows to give them a fuller look. There are two different shades of brown in the kit alongside a clear gel that you can set on your brows so they don’t move in the wind if you wish to!


Face wipes

These are my saviour for airplane travel. I use them to wipe over my face but also my body for a instantly fresher feel. There are many brands of face wipes to pick from so I usually just go for a cheaper brand. I find they do the trick.


Olay Anti Ageing Night Cream

When I travel my skin often feels really dry and flat after, so I love my Olay cream to pick-me-up and give my skin the boost and hydration it needs again. Although a cream, I love that it doesn’t feel really thick or heavy when I apply it, it really just glides on and sinks straight into my it!


Natio 50+ Daily Moisturiser

I love the fact that you can now buy 50+ moisturiser that doesn’t feel like a thick paste of sunscreen. Natio’s is exceptionally light with a pleasant aroma, making it my ultimate go-to daily moisturiser I can never go without.


Maybelline’s Green Corrector
This little green stick is an absolute life saver when any nasty red pimples come up. The green counteracts the redness so once you put your base over the top (for me my BB cream), it completely covers up the red spots as well as the green. It’s like magic!


Ultraceuticals Ultra C10+ Firming Serum & Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum

Serums are great because they penetrate deeper into the skins sebaceous layer, more than any moisturiser does, so they really are the secret weapon to healthy, supple and radiant skin. Although pricey, I adore ultraceuticals serums. I rotate between the vitamin C and Ultra A and I love that they do go a long way, you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face. They are also the perfect compact size for travelling.


Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer

As a result of lack of sleep or constant plane travel, I get horrible dark circles around my eyes, which is where Clinique’s airbrush concealer comes to the rescue! You basically twist the bottom, paint the concealer on, blend and there you have it!


Garnier Pure Active Exfoliator Scrub

I’ve tried many brands of exfoliators but one of my favourites is a just a cheapie by Garnier. I find the little beaded scrub really gets in and cleans my skin and gets rid of any dead skin on the surface. I don’t use this one daily though, only about twice a week.


St Tropez Tanning Mouse

St Tropez’s mouse is my favourite and is worth its weight in gold when it comes to maintaining a natural & sun kissed glow. This is by far my favourite tanning product I have ever used so now I just stick to it despite the expensive price tag (compared to some other products on the market). If I’ve got a beach trip planned, this is a product I pack away in my bag!



What are your essential travel beauty products?


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