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No weekend in Cairns is complete without a visit to Rusty’s, in my opinion anyway. The popular and eccentric farmers market sells all kinds of exotic fruits and locally grown veggies, all which are sold by the farmers themselves at exceptionally affordable prices. Rusty’s isn’t all fruit and veggies though; there is also plenty of food stalls and other goodies inside such as handmade oils, cheeses, sauces and breads and much more. Rusty’s most definitely should be on anyone’s to-do list on a visit to Cairns!


What to eat:

Annie’s Vietnamese coffee – Annie specializes in chai teas and Vietnamese iced coffee, all which she has handmade and sourced the ingredients for herself. Voted Cairns’ number 1 coffee is no easy feat, so be sure to check her out.

Vietnamese pork rolls – If you’re a fan of Vietnamese, it’s worth trying the pork rolls located almost smack bang in the middle of the marketplace. They’ve nailed the crusty bread roll, fresh coriander and the perfect amount of chili to pork ratio.

Hari Krishna Samosa’s – Homemade Samosa’s with either vegetarian curry or spinach and feta to pick between. I’ve tried both and loved both. The vegetarian is $2 and spinach and feta is $2:50

Almond Croissants – The almond croissants are definitely indulgent, but they are pretty damn good! The little French bakery stall also make their own macarons and little French desserts..can be hard to resist.

French crepes – Made by a young French couple, they do varieties of savory and sweet crepes made to order.

Fresh fruit and veg – Not just your ordinary fruit and veg here, but all kinds of exotic fruits I bet you have never seen or heard of! You could spend ages just wandering through the fresh produce…


When to go

Rusty’s are only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and is located between Sheridan and Grafton Street.

Friday: 5:00am till 6:00pm
Saturday: 5:00am till 6:00pm
Sunday: 5:00am till 3:00pm



– Bring cash with you. A lot if not any, don’t take card, so having cash on you is obligatory! Worse case, there are ATM’s outside the entry where you can safety get cash out.

– For the best prices on fruit and veggies, head to Rusty’s in the late arvo and near closing time as this is when you will snag even better bargains than you already are. The local farmers usually try and get rid of the last of their produce so will drop the prices even lower, making this an even cheaper time to buy any fruit and veggies you want.

– Come on an empty stomach as chances are you’ll find it hard to resist some (or all) of the unique and exotic foods available at Rusty’s.




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