Day Trip: Isle of Capri, Italy


Isle of Capri has been a bucket list destination for some time now, and fortunately one that I can finally tick off!

This magical island paradise is really something special, from the moment you step foot off the boat onto the cobblestone footpaths. The picturesque views are magical, as is the inviting crystal blue water that surrounds Capri, but it’s the eccentric vibe and charm of Capri that will have you buzzing instantly.

The island is just off Sorrento, making it immensely popular and an attractive option for many travelers to Southern Italy – and for a good reason too!

And how to get there you ask?! Well boats are your best option and most cost and time effective! From Sorrento, it’s only a short 30 minute ride to the island; however Capri is also very easily assessable from Naples and Amafli Coast.






Arriving at Capri’s Marina Grande (main port) we were greeted with postcard worthy views! There were many beautiful boats anchored off the shoreline just like I’d pictured it, and along the port there are little markets and shops selling locally grown nuts, lemons and handcrafted hats and clothing.

The port is almost always bustling with people, either arriving or departing to the island by boat, or waiting there turn for a taxi or local bus to take them up to the top of Capri.





From here, we headed up the small and winding roads via taxi, to check out the little shopping villages, restaurants and more beautiful views of Capri from above. The streets here are so tiny, and squeezing two buses or even cars side by side without one skidding off the edge is really quite amazing!

Once you reach Capri’s shops, it becomes quite apparent that Capri is after all, a popular destination for the rich and famous. There are many designer boutique stores and shops that show pride in what celebrities have shopped at their stores with pictures placed on the windows outside.

I fell in love with Capri’s locally made lemonchello, which is sold everywhere throughout the island and Southern Italy. It comes in a variety of flavours, bottle sizes and creative bottle shapes! They even sell chocolate blocks of it in lime and orange..yum!! I would definitely suggest picking yourself up a bottle or chocolate block or two before leaving…Capri also have some great handmade craft, souvenir and trinket stores!







Capri is adorned with beauty. The morning followed with more exploring through the beautifully floral stone walls and pathways.





We were also spoilt with more gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea..





From Capri, you can take a chair lift up to the highest point on the island (Monte Solaro) , which stands 589 metres above sea level. For a small fee, you can hop on and glide all the way to the top, where you can sit and enjoy breathtaking views of Capri and the Mediterranean Sea. The chairlift takes you right to the summit in about 10 or so minutes each way and are single person seats only.





And here from the very top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Capri and catch a glimpse of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Galli islands.





Capri is also home to the famous Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra), a sea cave formed by years of erosion which sits on the coast of Capri. It is undoubtedly a much anticipated experience for many travellers visiting Capri, however is very weather permitting.

Sadly and much to my disappointment, the windy weather permitted us entering on the day we visited, though I will positively leave that as an excuse to come back in the future! Rough and high seas are also another factor that permit entering the cave (which is usually as a result of the windy weather).

But for those fortunate enough to experience the magical wonders of the grotto are very lucky. Once you reach the entrance to the Grotto, you enter in little rowing boats that take a maximum of two or three people, and you are taken through the narrow cave opening (with a tiny entrance less than a meter high!)

And inside, you can expect dream like blue water like you have never seen before. As sunlight enters the cave, it is filtered by the water which absorbs the red tones, leaving just blue tones to pass through and lit up the entire cave. Some say between noon and 2pm are the best times for viewing!





Once we boarded the boat, we were taken to many rock formations and cliffs, all which had mystical stories behind them told by our local tour guide.. The picture below was the tunnel of love… Also formally known as Faraglioni!





After a jam packed but fabulous day, I was sad to be headed back to Marina Grande to catch our boat back to Sorrento. I loved visiting this beautiful paradise island and really, it’s hard not to love. If you ever see yourself in Southern Italy, I recommend a visit to Capri and discover its beauty for yourself.

The only regret I had is not staying long enough! Booking a hotel in Capri and staying for an extra day or two if I had more time would have been amazing. I already cannot wait to return!




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