Discovering the lost city of Pompeii


Pompeii had been a much anticipated destination on my travel list for some time now, and finally after ticking it off, I can say it definitely lived up to its expectations!

I have always been intrigued by the story of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius and the lost city of Pompeii, and walking through the town was an incredible and fascinating experience. It’s hard to believe this town buried all those thousands of years ago has been preserved so well, with many of the towns landmarks still very evident.

Looking around it’s not hard to notice Mt Vesuvius, standing tall in the background, still so fierce and aggressive looking, just watching over the Pompeii. One thing that surprised me was the size of Pompeii – it wasn’t until I began walking around that I realised just the sheer size of the town! You could easily spend a whole day literally just exploring. I had an amazing local guide take me and a small group around the ruins, which I do recommend as you pick up great information that you wouldn’t get if you were by yourself!

I found it pretty amazing to walk along some of the paths and roads that show track marks from where old carts have worn into the cobblestone and you can see many of the drainage systems that have been dug up over the years…

As we walked through Pompeii, our guide stopped at various baths and houses, many which you are able to walk into, and many of the floors and walkways still have lovely mosaic pictures and designs inside. Some of the larger and wealthier houses had paintings on the walls and some showed etchings of words, numbers and pictures that were painted over 2000 years ago! Many of these houses and also theatres built, still had original marble blocks which have been incredibly preserved over the years. Amazing!

We stumbled upon a lupanare (brothel), which was both very strange but intriguing. The suggestive paintings over each doorway leading into stone beds will leave your mind wondering..

There’s no doubt I had many WOW moments here and words honestly cannot describe the breathtaking experience discovering Pompeii was…it’s definitely a must do!

















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