Dubai: Why you should visit!


Arabian Desert Dream

Only a short -(yet feels worlds apart!)- drive away, you can experience Dubai’s serene and beautiful Arabian desert. It seems hard to believe that away from the cities sky scrapers and infrastructure there can still be a completely untouched, peaceful and somewhat mysterious desert that lay only a short drive away…

Here you can have a driver drift through the sand dunes in a four wheel drive, check out some camel camps, ride a camel yourself, watch the sun set and sit down to a traditional BBQ dinner in a Arabic Camp. Then you can say you relived that Arabian night dream!




Shopping malls like no other

Shopping is definitely one of the many reasons to visit Dubai and it’s the experience that makes the shopping adventure one to remember. The shops may be the same or similar to home but the adventures to be had inside are incredible! Scuba diving, ice skating and fountain shows…?!



Safe and low crime

Dubai would have to be one of the world’s safest travel destinations, particularly for females. They have female only cabs, carriages designated on the metro to females only and just the fact that hotel and street crime is very rare.


World’s tallest building

Burj Khalifa is truly breathtaking. It is located in Downtown Dubai right next to Dubai Mall, and from the top, you can catch some seriously spectacular 360 views of Dubai’s landscape and feel like you are as high as the clouds – which you basically are! At the observatory  you can also learn about the development and construction behind Burj Khalifa.




Go market shopping for gold

Get lost in Dubai’s famous gold souk markets, where you can find reasonably priced gold and lots of it! Here you can find anything from necklaces, rings, diamonds, bracelets, pendants plus more. You will see how Dubai has earned itself the title ‘city of gold’, and walking past the market stalls glistening with 18, 21, 22 and 24 carat gold will reinforce that! And even if you don’t intend on buying, it is still worth the visit and soak up the atmosphere.



Amazing Architecture

Marvel over many of Dubai’s extravagant designs of skyscrapers and masterpieces such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Emirate towers, Atlantis, Jumeirah Beach Hotel (shaped as a wave), and that’s just a few..everywhere you look you will be wowed! Dubai is a very fast expanding city and new creations are popping up everywhere.




Sandy white beaches

Relax and recuperate on some of Dubai’s sandy white beaches. Where else in the world can you go that combine both desert and beach into one setting?! Not many places.




History and museums

Dubai isn’t just all glitz and glamour. If you want to discover more about the history and culture of Dubai then the Dubai Museum, Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum House and Dubai Heritage and Diving Village are a must visit. And to really travel back in time and visit Dubai’s more traditional side, enjoy authentic food, markets, and to see how the real locals live, Bastakia Quarter is a great place to experience this.




Food is amazing

Dubai has incredible Middle Eastern food and on many restaurant menus include Egyptian, Indian, Jordanian, Syrian, Turkish, North African and Iranian cuisines. It is without doubt you will taste some of the best food here.

Dubai also hold a food festival that takes place usually around Feb each year, that showcases Dubai’s best culinary delights! For any foodie, this is definitely a bucket list experience.




Fall in love with the golden sunsets

Dubai’s sunsets are mystical and enchanting. And that golden glow!




Sports and adventures

Although an unlikely candidate, Dubai actually host two world-class tournaments – the Dubai Desert Golf Classic and the Dubai Tennis Open, as well as in Abu Dhabi they hold formula 1 each year – and the track is on a separate little island made just for it!

Some other recreational activities to do in Dubai are skiing at Dubai’s indoor sky field, sky diving above Palm Jumeirah, scuba diving at Atlantis , hot air ballooning in the desert and ice skating inside Dubai shopping mall.


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Warm climate

It rarely ever rains here, and most days of the year are hot and sunny! Although the summer months can typically get very hot (generally May though to September), Winter (October to April) is a great time to visit for the most comfortable temperatures. And for all those Europeans, it is a great excuse to escape the icy cold temperatures back home.


Luxurious hotels and resorts

Dubai know how to do luxurious and are renowned for it. Here you can experience some of the worlds most elite resorts and hotels that are on offer, and expect to be treated like royalty. The services will go above and beyond anything you can imagine!


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More affordable than London, New York and Paris

Many travellers assume Dubai remains very expensive to visit, and yes some things can be, but also some don’t have to be. Accommodation is typically the priciest travel expense to fork out on, while eating out, transport and tours are very affordable more than what most people believe them to be. And besides, Dubai is certainly no more expensive than cities such as New York, London and Paris.


Walk on the man made Palm ( Palm Jumeirah)

A trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without stepping foot on this magnificent masterpiece. Palm Jumeirah is the man made palm tree in the water off Dubai that have luxury houses, hotels, resorts, a waterpark and of course Atlantis, that sits on the very outer and central curve of the tree – definitely a must visit.




Oh, and the World Islands too! Located roughly 4km off Dubai’s shore and resembles the world in over 300 man constructed islands ,is pretty spectacular… although a little more difficult to access, but nonetheless just look at that view!!

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Dubai is so easy to get to

Emirate airlines are of the biggest successful airlines flying nowadays and they fly in and out of many countries each day, making Dubai so assessable for travellers. From Australia and many European countries, you can even fly direct now, which makes for quick and easy travelling – no more long or multiple stopovers.




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