6 ways to tell you might be over training your body


The dreaded over training…you never want to admit it nor do you ever see it yourself sometimes! Over training is actually quite common for both seasoned gym go-ers & for beginners, especially once you have a solid gym regime set in place.

Although sometimes it can be hard to identify, there are a few over training symptoms you can recognise to avoid damaging your muscles, general well-being & well, your hard work too! Here are a few of the ways I can tell when I feel I am over training..


You are always tired/sluggish or get sick easily

One major feeling I get when I know I am training too much with little rest is feeling tired, sluggish & just fatigued all the time. I always make sure to get quality sleep so when I start to feel fatigued I know it is time to take a short break from gym; whether it is a few days or longer. It’s definitely not worth the risk of becoming sick or injured from over training.
If you find you are getting sick or rundown more frequently too, it is your body’s way of telling your immune system that it’s tired of the over training you’re putting it through.


You aren’t seeing results

Do you ever feel frustrated when you are consistent at the gym & train really hard to only see minimal results to none at all after some time? Resting between workouts is super important – this is when your muscles grow & repair- but if your body doesn’t get enough rest between workouts especially when you are doing high intensity or weights frequently, this can be a contributing factor you might be overdoing it. Treat your body with respect & give it the rest it needs & you will continue to see results again (given your nutrition is clean & you are smashing your workouts).


Having trouble sleeping

Disturbed sleep or trouble sleeping can be because your sympathetic nervous system is working in overtime, especially if you do a lot of cardio/aerobic exercise. This can then cause you to have trouble sleeping at night.


Lost motivation

Loosing motivation is another key indication you need a rest from training. There is nothing worse than dragging yourself to gym when you really just don’t feel like going or you are dreading your workouts, when you know you never used to. Rather than continuing on, sometimes a short break is all you need to recuperate, recover & gain that motivation back 🙂


You are sore from workouts days later

It is okay to be sore from workouts a day or so later, however, a week later is not okay. You are putting your body at risk of injury if you continue to train when you are still sore from previous workouts & trying to push through the pain will only have a negative impact on your fitness goal aspirations.


Your energy levels have dropped

Training should keep you feeling energised throughout the day, and though we all have days where we feel we didn’t give it our best or struggled a little more than usual, if this is beginning to happen more & more frequently, this could be an indicator you need a rest. If you don’t, you’ll progressively feel weaker, lethargic and will struggle to complete workouts with the same stamina.


Ways you can prevent over-training…

– Remember to take at least one day off every week

– Every few months take an entire week off to recuperate and reset your body – I actually love doing this..it not only gives my entire body a proper break from the gym but I come back feeling more motivated than before. Sometimes I think I lose that drive and motivation more than I think I do until I give myself a proper break!

– Fit in plenty of sleep. Even it is means going to bed earlier if you know you will be up early in the morning. 8 hours is essential for a good nights sleep 🙂

– Get quality rest between gym sessions, especially high intensity days.


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