Fitness: 10 ways to stay motivated


Set goals

Setting goals gives you something to work hard toward and will more likely keep you feeling motivated than when you have no real purpose. Just remember to make them realistic and achievable goals. Depending on what you’d like to achieve, it’s important to keep an open mind and make small progress steps at a time. Change certainly doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t be discouraged.


Drink more water

This is something I personally need to do more of! Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated everyday is so important for more reasons that one. I do find on the days I drink more water I feel more energized, don’t snack as much and just feel a huge difference to my overall health. To help me drink more water I like to cut a wedge of lemon, lime or orange and pop it in my water to give it a slightly zesty works wonders!


Fitness apps and social media

Social media is pretty much the bees knees these days. It has come a long way over the years and as well as there being many fitness apps to choose from that (which many are free), there are also some great sources to grab inspiration off from social media accounts on Instagram.


Group Fitness

Signing up to boot camps in your local area or joining a netball or sporting team etc. is a fun way to keep fit plus meet new people and make new friends. Even participating in group classes at gym every now and again can be challenging and fun when you are doing it with others. You might find the energy in a group pushes you harder in the moments where you feel tired and want to quit. It’s definitely a nice change to do group related things every so often.


Gym clothes

Buying new gym gear always sparks that desire to work out and show off your new gear. Sometimes it’s just nice to throw away some of your old stuff that you’ve been wearing for a long time for some fresh gear. You just feel that bit more comfortable and confident.


Hire a trainer

Hiring a personal trainer who understands your fitness goals can do you the world of good, especially when you feel like you have lost motivation. They have the ability to not only push you harder but they have the professional skill and knowledge of exercise, diet and health combined to help you achieve your goals and see results.


Mix it up

I am the worst at mixing things up! I always exercise early in the morning and I have set gym days where I’ll train a particular muscle group (i.e. lower body) one day and (upper body) another day and so forth, until it does become sort of mundane after months of it! Our bodies adapt so quickly and I definitely find my body gets used to my routine too, so lately I have been switching things up and exercising some days after work instead of before and also training different muscle groups on different days to when I usually would. Small changes like that can make all the difference.


Find exercise you enjoy doing

Exercise should be something you enjoy and if running on a treadmill in a gym isn’t your idea of fun, that is okay! Running is something that really doesn’t excite me, in fact I hate it! It’s something I’ve tried to love but I know deep down I don’t enjoy going to the gym just to run on the treadmill. What I do love though, is Pilates, weight training and circuits. I also love to get outdoors and go for a nice walk along the beach where I live. So that said, most of my workouts in gym are heavily weight based as I love lifting weights with the occasional Pilates here and there..

You don’t always have to exercise by yourself ether. If you’d enjoy it more, round up a group of friends or just one friend, and make it a social event. You could participate in fitness a class, go for a walk, take up a sport or if you are adventurous, try rock-climbing or surfing.


Plan ahead

For people who struggle with finding the time to workout or make excuses not to, I think it’s a great idea to plan ahead and schedule in time each week for fitness. Work out what times and what days are going to work best for you and stick to it. I always set time aside either morning or night and dedicate it to my ‘fitness time’ and any social outings etc. I may have, I just work around.



Remember why you started and how good working out makes you feel. I miss exercising the most when I am travelling as it can be harder to find the time in some circumstances. Because of this though, I always come home and am eager to get straight back into it because I love my fitness time! I feel so much more energized, I sleep better and just feel healthy inside and out. Sometimes all you need is to reflect back in order to re-gain any lost motivation you may feel sometimes.


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