Fitness: 7 common training mistakes to stop right now


Repeating the same workout over and over again

It can be so easy to get stuck into the same rut where you are just used to doing the same moves and routines time again, and while you may enjoy it, you’d be surprised how quickly our bodies adapt. Whether you work out the same time of day every day or you do the same gym classes week to week or train the same muscle groups on certain days (ei legs on Mondays, shoulders on Tuesdays etc), it’s important to change things up often. Not only will you feel more refreshed and motivated to try out new routines and/or workouts but you’ll be seeing a greater increase in your training results by keeping your body guessing.


You only do cardio

Cardio is great and should most certainly be included into everyone fitness regime, however it shouldn’t be the sole focus alone. If you find yourself spending majority or all of your time on the cardio machines, you are selling yourself short. Circuit and weight training should definitely be in everyone training program as they reap more benefits in the long run than any cardio alone!

Consider making resistance and weight training the core of your training regime but cardio as an added addition on top of that. And the reason being? Resistance training is great because not only does it increase your metabolism but the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns, and even at rest you will continue to build and grow muscle hours after you leave the gym. If you are doing essesive amounts of cardio, your body will begin to not only burn body fat (which is the good part) but it’ll also start using hard earned muscle as a source of fuel – which you definitely don’t want!


You’re diet isn’t up to scratch

By this I mean you are eating lots of processed foods that are high in (bad) fats, oils and high in salt and in no way nutritionally beneficial. You cannot expect to see results from working out at the gym if you aren’t eating the right foods to compliments your training. A diet consisting of lean proteins (chicken, lean mince, turkey, fish), complex carbs (rice, oats, wholemeal bread, sweet potato) and healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil) is a great place to start and to make gradual positive changes to the way you eat. Nourish your body with as little processed fast foods and your body will reap the benefits!

Also on that note, never skip proper nutrition pre and post workout! Instead of training on an empty stomach, replenish your body with enough energy to get through a workout. While protein is essential for muscle repair, carbs are equally as important as they help to restore glycogen levels (post workout).


Eating when you are thirsty

Mistaking thirst for hunger can actually happen quite a lot (and I am forever guilty of this). Next time you feel like you are hungry, before you reach for food, grab a drink of water first and wait and see if you still feel hungry shortly after. Drinking plenty of water each day is essential for hydration but it also helps the body metabolise food better.


Training too much

If you aren’t letting your body and your muscles get enough rest and time to recover between each gym sesh, you are opening yourself up to the likelihood of acquiring an injury or you’ll become fatigued. Going to the gym everyday may seem like a good idea, but rest days (and also getting enough sleep) are just as important. Listen to your body and if you feel sore, exhausted or are having trouble sleeping, consider a rest day or two to recoup- it’ll do more good than harm!


Don’t do Cardio before Weights

Excluding light cardio to warm up prior to beginning your workout (which you should do btw), doing moderate to heavy cardio before you hit the weights will wear you out and you’ll probably find you don’t have the strength, energy or endurance to finish your workout off with a bang. On the contrary though, completing cardio after weights has been scientifically found to be more beneficial for reaching fitness goals such as for fat burning purposes. Though there are many debates and research online to suggest you shouldn’t perform strength training and cardio on the same day, do your own research and decide for yourself what is best for you.


Never compare yourself to anyone else

Never ever ever ever compare yourself to anyone else! Always remember your fitness journey is completely different to someone else’s. Things like; not seeing the results quicker than you’d like, and despite what weight others are lifting in the gym, don’t feel like you have to do the same in fear of being judged. Lift what you feel comfortable doing and increase them accordingly over time otherwise you will raise the risk of injury.


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