Must try foods in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a great city for so many reasons, but the one particular reason I am talking about right now is the food reason…it is food paradise in Hong Kong. Really, it is! The food was probably the thing I was looking forward to the most prior to visiting Hong Kong and I was so spoilt for choice once I arrived. Hong Kong really didn’t disappoint! Here is some (and I mean only some!) of the delicious, traditional and popular Hong Kong dishes you can’t leave without trying….


Milk Teas

If you are a tea lover, you’ll love the Hong Kong style Milk Tea! Typically it consists of black tea, evaporated milk and a small amount of sugar, and it can be served either hot or cold. Either way, you gotta try one, they are ahh-amazing. The locals love the tea so much it is probably the most popular drink you’ll see in Hong Kong. There is actually quite a complicated and timely process to how the tea is made and some restaurants even make a show/display of them making the milk tea to attract more tourists to visit their cafes.


Fish Balls

Fish balls are a popular snack in Hong Kong sold across many street vendors and markets. There are a few different varieties of fish balls you can try too. Some can be served in a hot pot, or cooked with noodles in hot soup while you can also get them accompanied with a spicy or sweet sauce.


Dim Sums

Like honesty, you cannot, I repeat, cannot go to Hong Kong without eating a serving (or perhaps 10) of Dim Sums! They are pretty much the ‘iconic’ food of Hong Kong and there is no shortage of places that sell them. You can get these little dumplings just about anywhere and in so many different varieties. The hardest decision is picking if you’d like the pork or the beef? or you could for the prawn or vegetarian?! Feel my pain…When in doubt, order the classic ones!




Beef Brisket

Noodles dishes in general are popular throughout Hong Kong, but my favourite was Beef Brisket. Beef brisket noodle soup is basically a slow cooked braised or stewed beef brisket served on top of noodles and submerged in a steaming hot flavourful broth of spices. There are slightly different versions you can order in restaurants that vary in noodle type and broths. I loved every variation I had, they were so delicious!




Roast Goose

This is a popular Cantonese dish found all over China, and Hong Kong included. It’s traditionally cut into small pieces with the skin keep on (and crispy), meat, and bones still connected. The idea is the that the meat should be so tender, it should pull apart really easily.


Egg tarts

Egg tarts are another popular stable in Hong Kong, but be sure to grab a freshly baked one from one of the many bakeries located around the city. They are delicious and taste best when they are freshly cooked with their warm bright yellow egg custard, seated inside a slightly crisp and buttery crust…yummo!


Hot pots & BBQ Meats

There are so many ultra cool hot pot restaurants and ones that do the old school way (cook the meat in a hot broth), while others do it with a modern twist. Either way, when it’s cold in Hong Kong, it’s the perfect and most appropriate time to grab a hot pot. I was there in Winter so I was super happy.


Egg Waffles

Egg waffles you’ll see at many street food vendors and they look so weird but cool at the same time. They are a lightly sweetened batter that is poured over a heated waffle griddle in the shape of little ‘eggettes’ that can easily be pulled apart. They can come in different flavours too (like chocolate and black sesame etc.) but the plain are the way to go!



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