Healthy Plane Snacks ideas!


Whether you are flying long haul or the short domestic kind, it can be a wise idea to pack some healthy snacks on board with you for a number of reasons… one being that it is far healthier for you and you can avoid the often stale and sugary airplane snack options, but it can also work out cheaper – airports are notorious for being super pricey for food and drink and some smaller airlines and domestic will charge a small fortune for inflight meals and snacks also. And finally, another valid reason is you simply have the luxury to eat whenever hunger strikes!

I have to admit I am not a HUGE fan of flying, particularly on those dreaded long haul flights, but I do personally find I have a far nicer flying experience when I do this and it really doesn’t take much effort at all!


Nuts and Trail Mixes

Nuts are a very easy option to carry and eat at any time. Trail and mixed nut bags are easily available in supermarkets, and it’s just as easy to make your own mix of your favourite varieties. This is probably one of the best snacks to keep with you as they provide essential fatty acids and proteins that will keep hunger pains at bay in between meals. Ideal for carrying in a seal up bag and you are done! Simple as that.


Protein Balls

Protein balls are a great source of energy when you need that extra energy boost. They are super easy and quick to make as well. Make up a batch of these babies the day before you fly out and they can be enjoyed as little bite size energy treats on the plane – especially when you feel like something sweet!


Homemade Popcorn

Popcorn can actually be healthy, when it is in it’s most natural form – completely unflavoured or salted. Sounds boring and tasteless, BUT you can flavour popcorn yourself by using alternative ingredients such as coconut oil, rice malt syrup, cacao or even herbs and spices for a more savoury flavour! Again, these are great to pack in a seal up bag and won’t weigh a thing.


Veggie Chips

You can buy veggie chips from health food stores that contain veggies such as dried beetroot, parsnips, sweet potato, chickpeas etc..although it doesn’t do fresh veggies justice it kind of works as an alternative to eating potato chips…


Rice crackers with a nut butter

Some flights (usually international) provide the good old cheese and crackers on board, in which case ditch the biscuits provided and use the cheese to munch on with your rice crackers. Alternatively, I will sometimes pack rice crackers spread with peanut butter (that I prepare at home) and pop in a seal up bag to eat once on board. Keeps me feeling full and sustained!


Sugar Free Chocolate or dark chocolate

Having sweet snacks handy is mandatory for when you really feel like that sweet and sugary hit; only this kind is slightly more guilt free…You can buy it varieties of sugar free chocolate from most chemists and chemist warehouses, health food stores and even supermarkets nowadays. Alternatively, keeping a small bar of dark chocolate does the trick.


Carry an empty water bottle

Take an empty bottle onto the plane and ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you during the flight. You will get more water out of it then the cups they give you, besides you won’t have to be constantly asking for more water as much as taking an empty bottle on board.


Pack your own tea bags

If you have got a favourite herbal tea that you enjoy drinking e.g chai, green tea, chamomile etc…then its worth packing a few on board to sit back and enjoy during flight time. You’ll just need to ask a flight attendant for the hot water – and milk if you need it.


Fruit and veg
Fruit like apples, bananas or berries are great fruits for long flights and full of fibre and easy to pack in your bag. Same goes with carrot or celery sticks with hummus or nut butter. Just make sure the containers or seal up bags are clear so that TSA and security can see what it is at the airport.


Pre make a sandwich

Although not really a snack, it really makes the perfect meal on a long haul flight. Making a sanwhich at home the way you like it will be far more nutritious, cost effective and you know exactly what is in it.


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