How To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling


It’s easy to give up on your healthy lifestyle while you’re travelling – I agree it can feel challenging at times! Whether the trip is for leisure or business, the constant rush of activities may make it tempting to stop at a fast-food restaurant whenever hunger strikes, or indulge in unhealthy snacks or beverages.. and more often than not, it’s even the easiest, cheapest and most assessable option, BUT if you keep healthy food choices on hand, you may maintain a healthy régime during your travels with no regrets.


Here are a few small tips to keep in mind while travelling.


– Walk/ride as much as possible. Ditch the car/bus/train and start walking everywhere. Not only does it give you a little exercise but you’re getting fresh air, your blood pumping and you’re more likely to see more. Plus think of all those better photo opportunities you will have without the windscreen or reflection in the images.


– Depending on the type of holiday you are taking, activities are a great way to have fun and get a little extra exercise at the same time. And that includes shopping!


– Take advantage of where you are staying if there is a gym. Do a little research before you leave to see what facilities they have and what’s nearby.


– Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is very important. Buy bottles of water in bulk if it’s easily assessable and keep one with you at all times. Mix it up and chop bits of cucumber or fresh strawberries or lemon/lime to infuse the water.


Stock up on snack foods. You may not have access to convenience stores all the time so stock up and keep snacks handy for in between meals. Fresh berries, mixed nuts, multigrain rice crackers & nut butter are a few examples.


–  Wherever you can, make it yourself. Find a local supermarket in the area and buy basic staples (eggs, milk, bread, yoghurt, fruit & veg etc) that way you’re able to make some of your own meals yourself – plus save money at the same time. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, this can be a huge money saver plus you have control over ingredients, quantities and how it’s cooked.


– Take your time and look around for restaurants,markets or cafes that offer healthier options. While fast food restaurants are often the most convenient, keep your options open; don’t just settle for the first place you see. In doing this, it might seem more time consuming but you may also see yourself with a more authentic meal with the locals.


Read restaurant menus carefully and make smart choices as you would at home. Think rich proteins (chicken, fish), lots of veggies, fresh salads and don’t be afraid to ask for any dressing/sauces to be served on the side instead. Remember to look for the words steamed or grilled over deep fried.


– Limit alcohol. It’s okay to drink alcohol and enjoy it but remember those extra kj’s add up plus make for a larger bill at the end of the night and a hangover in the morning!


– Take vitamins and supplements. While you are travelling it can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need so dosing up is a great way to keep your body in check.

BUT REMEMBER – YOU ARE ON HOLIDAYS so indulge when you feel like it, without overdoing it during every meal 🙂

Happy Travels!!!

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