How to live a more adventurous life


“Adventure doesn’t mean being careless. Adventure means trying something new. Taking a chance. Being more outgoing. Living with more enthusiasm.”


It’s hard to add excitement to your life especially if your life is filled with the mundane chores of everyday life. I feel like as I grow older the more responsibilities I have and more pressures I am faced with #helloadulthood.

But also, many of us fall victim to envying a friend/s adventurous life know the fun photos, beautiful locations and energetic social statuses that make many of us feel like we lead relatively uneventful and boring lives. But we need to remind ourselves that what’s posted online isn’t always reality or rather, an exaggerated and exuberant version of the actual scenario.

Adventure awaits around every corner, you just gotta be more open to the idea of experiencing something new and living with intention. These tips will help get you started on that path!


Explore locally and domestically

You certainly don’t need to travel overseas to be adventurous. Living in Australia, it’s sometimes not as practical to travel overseas, especially when it takes 9 or more hours to reach a destination. Long haul trips are also more expensive and harder to coordinate with work life too. Travelling domestic or even locally allows you to see more of your own country and you might be surprised at the new things you discover about familiar places right in your backyard.


Learn to say ‘yes’ more

Push yourselves out of your comfort zone. It can be all too easy or familiar to fall into the same routine time again, that is, until you start saying yes to more things! It could be anything from travelling, going out with friends or doing news activities. You never know where it might take you.


Routine rut

I know I am a creature of habit and have the same old morning routine day in and day out. Although having a daily schedule can be beneficial in so many ways (which I love), sometimes you have to shake things up and change that rut we’re stuck in. Even the most minor things like driving a different way to work or eating something different for breakfast. Small changes can make your mind subconsciously be more aware of adventure in day to day life….it sounds strange, but give it a go!


Stop waiting around

It is so easy to push big & small opportunities away because you think a better time will come. This will get you nowhere, and making excuses for e.g. for a friend or partner to be ready or a for certain time of year…. there will never be a perfect moment and waiting around is anything but adventurous!


Surround yourself with adventurous people

You know those people who are always radiate enthusiasm or have a really carefree attitude? Let their carefree qualities rub off on you.


Do something for the first time

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Start today! Make the conscious effort to step out of your comfort zone and experience something for the first time again. Try rock climbing, sky diving or bungee jumping or less thrill seeking things like taking a surfing lesion, going overseas by yourself or begin a new hobby.


Lay off social media

Put your phone down and be in the present moment. Stop thinking about what everyone else is posting online or what filter you’re going to use on your next photo and instead, take a moment to appreciate living in the present moment and just care about yourself and the moment you’re in. Don’t disrupt your new experience by injecting yourself into social media.


Jump on sales

Jump on sales when you see them! I often get my email inbox flooded with the latest airfare sales and holiday package deals from companies like Jetstar, Expedia, Groupon, STA Travel, Topdeck etc that I often scroll right past them thinking now isn’t the right time or there will be more sales later down the track. Instead, take advantage of money saving sales and think spontaneous. Some of my best memories have been completely unplanned, spur of the moment trips!

The best kind of views are always from the window seat


You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough…”



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