Is Going Sugar Free For You?


Banish all sugar in your life? Good question. Where would you start? Not all sugar is bad for you right?

You are the only person to make such a decision as this, and nowadays, jumping on the sugar free bandwagon has never been easier. With access to many social media platforms, sugar free recipe books and of course well known health professionals and chefs that now practice and promote this approach to eating.

Personally, I never thought of myself as a crazy sweet tooth.. I cringe at the thought of adding sugar to any breakfast cereal or wheetbix and certainly never add any into my tea or coffee, so when I read Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar book a few years ago…I got a major wakeup call. I actually eat a ton more sugar that I thought, despite my best efforts. I would naively browse the isles of health food stores thinking I could do no wrong, picking up products labelled  no added sugar, gluten free, low fat or raw thinking they were good for me because the label says so. That was until  I realised some are no better (after scanning the ingredients and learning to accurately read labels). This ‘bad’ sugar is hidden everywhere, and especially in health food stores.

But it was just the wakeup call I needed and wanted to learn…now I am so aware of hidden sugars and am content on knowing just how much of it I am eating in my diet. And I feel better than ever!


Now sugar…

First and foremost, not all sugar is horrible, you are right. Sugar comes in many forms of food such as plant based, fruit, starchy veggies, grains and in processed food like biscuits, cakes and chocolate. And it is this refined sugar that is the bad stuff. Ideally, this would be the sugar to minimise in our lives. Although fruit and veggies contain sugar, they also contain fiber and nutrients that are important.


And why cut out processed sugar?

Cutting out some sugars,  such as the processed kind, can have beneficial effects on our bodies…

– you may find you have a clearer mind, less mood swings and generally a happier person

– cravings for sweet and sugary foods will be reduced drastically

– you will feel healthy inside and out and will feel in control of your weight

– hunger pains will be reduced


Ask yourself…

1.  Do you get energy slumps and tiredness in the afternoons?

2. Are you looking for ways to improve your overall health or wellbeing?

3. Do you often get sweet cravings after eating?

4. Do you often feel bloated after a meal?

5. Are sugary foods the first thing you grab when you are feeling stressed out or emotional?

6. Do you want to loose weight?


Who to look to?



As mentioned earlier, there are so many celebrity chefs , athletes and health professionals that lead this lifestyle, making it easier to gain inspiration and ideas from. I personally, am a huge fan on Sarah Wilson, who lives and breathes being sugar free. She has released a series of books that contain sugar free recipes as well as guides, tips and handy tutorials – plus her growing online blogs and websites are flourishing with inspiration and support. Other people I like to look to for a little food and recipe inspiration are Theresa Cutler and Pete Evans.


What have you got to lose?

Absolutely nothing! Going sugar free is no diet or fad, it is purely a lifestyle change, and a change that doesn’t happen overnight. Going cold turkey will get you no where- it’s about taking slow and gradual steps to eating less processed foods, finding healthier alternatives and learning to love wholesome foods. Simple as that.


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