Jumeirah Zabeel Saray: Brunch of A Lifetime


It should come as no secret that Dubai is home to some of the finest culinary and fine dining in the world. And quite frankly, it’s pretty dead on accurate.

Recently, during my stay in Dubai, I was lucky enough to have experienced my first ever Friday brunch at one of Dubai’s very luxurious hotels in Jumeirah, Zabeel Saray. This rather classy hotel was located on the more outer western side of Palm Jumeirah overlooking the Arabic Sea. Quite the view for residing guests during their stay I must say!

Walking inside through the lobby entrance, it was no utter shock everything from the floor décor to the ceilings were elegantly styled to perfection, not to mention the high level of intricate detail that accompanied. We were promptly assisted to by staff almost immediately and taken away to be seated.





The hotel's exterior and private beach area

The hotel’s exterior and private beach area

large chess board outside!

large chess board outside!


Our brunch included unlimited alcohol (ranging from wines, spirits, cocktails etc.) and all you can eat buffet from a French inspired menu. Once seated, we ordered our drinks and were off to roam the buffet tables.

Zabeel Saray had a substantial selection of high class culinary to suit everyone from meat and seafood lovers to vegetarians plus two tables of desserts to pick from. Walking past the buffet were chefs preparing, cooking and serving food; it was truly amazing to see them live and in action! The hardest decision was deciding what to eat… but with that in mind, you can go back and forth as many times as you wish!


Photo cred: www.timeoutdubai.com



Typically, most brunch’s go over 3-4 hours, so your best to space it out and enjoy the time over those hours. Particularly as the alcohol is free flowing, and with staff constantly topping your glass up, it will never stay empty for long!

I cannot give enough credit to the friendly staff and their prompt and high quality service, nor can I fault a single thing. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wishes to visit and share a similar experience.

Just one little side note I will mention though; try not to snack before going! You will want to be on the point of starving when you get here. It is a buffet after all and trust me, the selection of appetizing and deliciously tasty food is so hard to resist. Just do yourself the favour!




Zabeel Zaray, Jumeirah Dubai

Telephone: +971 4 453 0444
Email: jzsrestaurants@jumeirah.com

**note that: booking in advance for these sorts of events is an imperative thing!

Thanks for the exerpeicne Zabeel Zaray!

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