Melbourne: Weekend Getaway


It has certainly been awhile ( 2 years almost!) since my last visit to Melbourne, so I was feeling super eager to head back down to this gorgeous city I fell in love with a few years ago! Everything from the food, quaint alleyway cafes, shopping boutiques and unique art culture are just a few reasons why I love it so much here.




It’s hard to predict what the weather will be like in Melbourne, but we arrived on a beautiful day to spent it exploring the CBD and surrounding suburbs.





There is definitely no shortage of coffee shops to check out throughout the CBD. This was at Brother Baba Budan…a small cafĂ© that is almost always bustling with customers – I don’t think there is even a time they aren’t! I discovered the cafe from my precious trip to Melbourne and loved it so much I returned again. Even if you don’t drink coffee, they do have a small tea list and array of cakes on display.




Hosier Lane is absolutely amazing, with artwork all through the laneways! I could have wandered aimlessly through the area all day and mesmerised over the displays of art!








By recommendation of a friend, we found The Croft Institute, a mental institution/science lab themed bar down an alleyway in Chinatown. They are known for their unique syringe drinks and epic vibe. I definitely wouldn’t have known this bar even existed if it weren’t from recommendation!






Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Babushka Dolls while we were walking to Brunswick Street!



Got up early to see the city sunrise…







There are so many rooftop bars in Melbourne, you gotta try at least one! This was Bomba Bar. I also recommend Madame Brussels and Goldilocks which are equally great also.





ByeBye for now Melbourne! #untilnexttime 

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