My 10 favourite things about Melbourne City


Melbourne would have to be one of my favourite Australian cities hands down! There’s just something about the art, food and fashion culture that lures me back everytime…or mainly just the food I guess! Here are a few of my favourite things that I love about Melbourne city..


Queen Victoria Markets

Food heaven is here and I could honestly spend hours wandering up and down the lanes looking through all the fresh produce (seafood, steak, veggies, cheeses)as well the sweets and homemade goods! Every time I’m in Melbourne I make sure I schedule a trip in – even if it’s quick – mostly to marvel over all the food! The markets are open every day from 6am (9am on Sunday) except for Monday and Wednesdays they are closed.



I love Melbourne shopping! Not only is the fashion great, but I always find I can pick up a good bargain and great buys whenever I hit the shop in Melbourne. Oh, and I absolutely adore the little clothing boutiques I find randomly throughout the CDB !


Explore Brunswick Street

Fitzroy is arguably the food hub and hipster neighbourhood and capital of Melbourne. Brunswick Street runs through Fitzroy and is definitely one of my favourite streets to explore! Each side of the street are lined with many cool restaurants, small local clothing boutiques and cute little knick knack stores! I reckon if I ever live in Melbourne, this funky neighbourhood would be where I’ll be!



Street Art

I love that art is expressed so freely in Melbourne. Walking through many of Melbourne’s laneways are bright & funky pieces of artwork lining the walls throughout the city. One of my favourite places to check out is Hosier Lane for the loads of super funky and vibrant art lined along the alleyway walls.




Rooftop Bars

Melbourne know how to do rooftop bars and with style, grace and quirky uniqueness – all at once. The bars offer some great views overlooking the city and make for the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy a drink as you watch the sun set over the city. Some rooftop bars I really enjoyed in Melbourne were Madame Brussels, Goldilocks & Bomba Bar.



Melbourne’s Dark History

The Old Melbourne Gaol is the oldest prison in Melbourne and has a dark, yet fascinating history. Here you can walk through the jail cells and down the prison corridors and learn about some of Melbourne’s most sinister underground crimes dating back to the 1800’s and the gruelling prisoners to spend time behind bars. None other than famous (Australian) bushranger Ned Kelly and gangster Squizzy Taylor had both spent time behind the cell walls. Inside the Gaol, you can also visit Ned Kelly’s death mask and the execution area. I found it super fascinating to walk through and I also checked out the old police watch house down the road also.


Become a coffee addict

Coffee is taken seriously here and there are no shortages of budding coffee shops around the city. Melbourne pride themselves on top notch coffee brews and it’s highly unlikely you will come across a ‘bad’ coffee here. I would even go as far as claiming Melbourne the coffee capital of Australia! A personal favourite coffee shop of mine would have to be Budha Brother Bear…



Eat your body weight in food

Just coz the food in here is so amazing.

Seriously though, Melbourne is a city with incredible restaurants and cafes, with many different cuisines on offer. It’s basically a ‘foodies’ heaven here. Enough said.


The perfect parks

I always love how perfectly manicured the parks look in Melbourne city, especially during the warmer months they look so lush and green. It makes the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic and to escape the busy city streets. You don’t have to walk very far out of the CBD to reach one either.



St Kilda

Okay, so not technically in Melbourne city but it’s pretty close (approx. 6km from CBD), St Kilda is beautiful, perched right by the harbour and is budding with plenty of entertainment and food nearby.


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