8 reasons why I Love Berlin


I’ll get straight to the point and say after visiting Berlin halfway through my European adventures, I really fell in love with this vibrant city. In fact, Berlin is probably one of the few cities in Europe I reckon I could totally live in!

My stay in Berlin went waaayy to quickly, but here are some reasons why I loved it so much…


Biergartens & Bier Bikes

Although there are biergartens all over Germany, Berlin has some the best! Berlin Biergartens have their very own personal charm and they know how to combine beer, garden restaurants with friendly locals, making it the perfect venue to unwind in the evening over some traditional German beers, good company and a vibrant atmosphere.


The history & sightseeing

There is just so much history to learn and discover in Berlin, its jam packed and it’s so fascinating! There are loads of museums to check out if you love history as well as sightseeing in Berlin. It’s such a widely spread out city with lots to see and do.


Drinking in Public

No one cares if you drink in public! You can drink wherever you want without worry of getting fined or in trouble with the police.


Berlin is budget friendly & affordable

Compared to many Western European cities, Berlin is very affordable. Food and eating out is inexpensive and the cost of public transport is significantly lower than the likes of London and Paris.


Street Art

Walk through any neighbourhood in Berlin and you’ll see Street Art. I love it!



The diversity of food here is unbelievably unreal. They not only do some of the best street food, but have just about every cuisine available. One thing you definitely need to try in Berlin is Currywurst, which are basically German sausages seasoned with tomato and curry powder.

Also, I loved all of the cool/hipster sidewalk cafes. In Paris the cafés are more classical and have an elegant sort of feel, but in Berlin they’re more hipster and so unique!


Free stuff

Not only is Berlin affordable, there is also an abundance of free things (like sightseeing and museums) to enjoy for the price of nothing! Not all museums are free though, but a handful are which is great! This is a mega bonus for saving dollars while travelling.


Relaxed vibe

Berlin is way more relaxed and laid back than busier cities, such as London. The locals are welcoming, helpful and everyone seems happier. Although the streets can get crowded, you don’t get that hurried feeling you would if you were in London where everyone is on the go constantly.



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    January 31, 2016 at 3:59 am

    The street art (and all these amazing looking abandoned buildings…) is one of the reasons I love Berlin too!

    Then there is The Food. Yuuum. And yeah, most of the museums being free is pretty cool too. Berlin is just such a cool/hip city, I have only visited once (last year) so far, but am definitely going back again (soon).

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    January 31, 2016 at 9:09 am

    So glad to hear you loved it there too! I’ve only been once also, but would LOVE to go back. Such a vibrant city 🙂

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