Semiramis: Review

Aahh Semiramis, the memories of this place already make me want to teleport back right away! This cutesy and quaint restaurant was a real highlight and surprise during my stay in Chania, Crete. Having stumbled across it after salivating over the other 100 restaurants around the area, this was a little more out of the way, less crowded but most importantly, their menu stuck me almost instantly!




The menu provided many different options, both meat and vegetarian, plus loads of very traditional Greek dishes that I knew I’d have a hard (and stressful) time picking just one thing off the menu. All dishes are prepared fresh with local produce and the best bonus yet was that they were all home cooked!


One thing I noted about the restaurant, and quickly, unlike majority of others along the main markets place, we weren’t harassed or nudged to dine here in the slightest way. For me personally, this was a major positive (and even deciding point) as it really agitates me when they prod and persuade you on reasons why their restaurant is better than the one 3 metres beside theirs and try to shove the menu in your face – I totally get the competitiveness and all but it always a nice gesture to be left to decide for yourself!


Semiramis’s atmosphere and surroundings was also very pleasing, with very traditionally Greek decorated décor, wall pieces but with a slight touch of Italian to it. The beautifully bright geraniums flowing from the rooftop to all the way down the walls were stunning, and I loved the outdoor garden feel the restaurant had – being in the fresh air rather than seated indoors. A extra special touch is the live music accompanied – which is just beautiful!


The menu choices were great with many starter plates to share and main meals, such as stuffed aubergine (eggplant), stuffed courgette (zucchini) and onions, beef stews, rabbit stifado, Cretan pies, mousaka plus more!!!! Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this place more than words can string together and even went back a second time the next day!




The stuffed courgette was so good, I had it two days in a row!



One negative  I will mention however, is that unfortunately as I am not a smoker, they do have designated smoking and non smoking tables, so be sure to pick your tables carefully – regarding it’s not overly busy when you go- as there is nothing worse than a non smoker being seated beside a table full of smokers lighting up during your meal.


Eat here if…

You want to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine as it finest and truest form, and don’t mind heading off the main market street/ tourist area to eat here. It is truly a lovely, outdoorsy restaurant that have lovely and friendly staff and owners, delicious food and the surrounding atmosphere is calm and peaceful. Prices are affordable and at very reasonable prices making it great value for money and dishes were of a good size. I highly recommend scouting out this place if you ever find yourself in Chania!





Address: Skoufon Str. 8, Old Town
Tel: +30 28210 98650+30 28210 98650
Operation hours: 9:00-24:00
Open: April to October


Cuisine: Traditional Cretan, Greek

Live Music, Outdoor Dining

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