Top 9 reasons to visit Glasgow


Scotland is seriously one of the friendliest countries I have ever visited, with Glasgow city topping the list. Other than just being a super friendly bunch though, the city is also known for it’s world class museums and galleries, stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife and live music scene, fantastic shopping and their diverse selection of restaurants and bars.

And I really couldn’t agree more! I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from Glasgow upon arrival. The city had a completely different feel to Edinburgh but really, I liked the contrast between the two and enjoyed both cities as much as each other.


Standup Comedy

The Scottish love a good night out, ideally one that involves drinking mixed with comedy. Get a local feel for the city and buy a ticket to a stand up comedy night that you will not regret! Their take-the-piss-out-of-everything humour is truly an experience you will be laughing non stop.




Locals are super friendly, like genuinely super friendly! Don’t be surprised if you befriend a local at some point in your travels here.



The music scene in Glasgow is thriving and very diverse, with an endless amount of live gigs and music concerts held almost always at multiple venues. The city was awarded the title of UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2008 and Glasgow has got some pretty impressive legacies that have orientated here such as Texas, Sebastian, Simple Minds, Travis and Franz Ferdinand (to name a few).


Design and Architecture

Amongst the beautiful parks and gardens throughout Glasgow are a mixture of medieval and Victorian buildings that are both interesting and fascinating to look at. Many of these landmark structures illustrate Glasgow’s rich architectural heritage from the Victorian era plus also other historical periods.



Art Museums

Glasgow is full of art around every corner! Really I’m not joking, it’s basically everywhere and there are many art galleries to check out! You could visit: Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow School of Art and Modern Institute (plus even more!)


Beautiful parks and gardens

There are so many parks throughout Glasgow, it feels like every few square metres is a park but they are just so gorgeous. From Kelvingrove Park to the Botanic Gardens, Bellahouston Park, Victoria Park in the West End and Queen’s and Pollok Park in the South Side.



Pubs and food culture

Glasgow has really got it all plus more. If you fancy sipping a Guinness, craft beer or even cocktail in a traditional old pub/bar, there’s certainly a pub to fit all thirsts! There are also many tearooms which are popular. I stopped by the Willow Tearoom for a great high tea and loved it!

And for any foodie, Glasgow has got loads of amazing (and award winning) dining experiences to explore. Be sure to check out the Indian food scene herebut also many of Glasgow’s local delicacies!


Retail Therapy

If you love a good shop, you will be pleased to know Glasgow has been dubbed the second most popular city to shop across the UK. Glasgow’s ‘Style Mile’ is the city’s central shopping district that is a must visit with more than 200 retail and department stores!


Never too far away from other cities

There is so much to see and explore in Scotland and Glasgow is only a short few hours driving distance away from the beautiful Scottish Highlands and even shorter distance to Edinburgh (about 1 hour) and other small towns.



Check out my Scotland travel gallery here!

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