Travel Checklist: 9 tips to have a stress free arrival


Stepping off the plane and arriving at your destination can feel really daunting sometimes, especially if it’s new place you’ve never been or if your travelling solo or if no one speaks your language.. I’ve definitely been there, standing in an airport hopelessly trying to read symbols and words that don’t make sense! But regardless, one thing I always do before travelling is make a little travel checklist.


Check in prior.

Checking in 48-24 hours before your flight departs can save some boring airport time waiting at the airport and queuing up.


Book your plane seat in advance.

If you are a window or aisle kinda person, booking your seat is essential for a comfortable and stress free ride. I always go for the window seat!


Have printed out copies of your accommodation and any other essential travel itineries of your trip

I always find carrying my essential documents, such as hotel bookings easier than relying on my phone to show any documentation. Although technology is super efficient and a great source to be able to access conformation emails etc, I’m still a fan of the ol’ fashioned way to hand over the paper document! Same goes with my passport, I always carry a scanned copy of my passport but leave it at the very bottom of my suitcase when I pack my bag.


Let your bank know you are travelling and notify them of the destination

Letting your bank know you will be overseas and even notifying them of the region/s you will be in is important so they are aware that you will be using your card overseas, but also so that they don’t see any unusual activity and suspend you card! Doing this has also helped track card skimming (scary, but it does happen!), and in which case the bank are able to see where the card has been used that it wasn’t you.


Charge up all devices

I think we can all agree having enough charge to be able to make phone calls, use the internet, watch a movie, listen to music or do some work etc. is super handy. When you reach your destination, you never know if you might have to use your mobile for something so having enough charge will get you out of trouble. I always make sure I charge all of the electronics I am taking with me the night before and also take a portable charger so I can top if need be.


Know the options getting to your accommodation from the airport when you arrive at your destination

Sometimes I find it really overwhelming when you first land at your destination and don’t know the best options to get to your accommodation. Of course it’s even more overwhelming when you are by yourself too! I usually do a little research prior to leaving and find out costs and transport options from the airport. Anything from trains, taxi, private transfer or bus is usually the norm but weighing up the costs and quickest ways is definitely a must know.


Have some currency (of the destination) with you

Carrying some cash in the currency of the destination is always a smart idea. There have been a few times I have been caught out by solely just relying on my eftpos card which has gotten me into trouble a few times, one example being, not being able to buy any inflight meals or entertainment because they didn’t take the type of travel credit card I was carrying. It doesn’t have to be a lot but just a little bit of cash is sufficient enough to get by with and for any unexpected expenses that require cash only may occur. , you’ll be covered.



To ensure any mishaps and denied entry to any countries, always always always ensure you have the correct documentation needed for the country you are visiting and if any visas are required, in which case should be sorted well in advance to departing. Just always do a quick Google search so that you wont be caught out when you arrive!


Have a fresh pair of clothes to freshen up

I love weaning comfy clothes and a nice snug pair of socks for the plane but depending on the flight duration, I often feel sluggish and tired by the end of the trip, so having a spare change of clothes in my bag instantly makes me feel fresher until I reach my accommodation for a shower.


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