Travel hacks: save money when you travel



Take free tours

Many cities offer free walking tours that show you the city’s highlights as well and teach you about the culture. This is a fantastic way to not only meet like-minded people (and the possibility to make a new friend/s) but to see the cities highlights without spending a dime.


Avoid peak season

Travelling off season or during shoulder season (spring, autumn) is significantly cheaper than during peak season. Costs for accommodation and tours (pretty much everything..) skyrocket during peak season, plus tourist hotshots are remain crazy busy. Although it might not be as convenient or suit the weather conditions you like (i.e., travelling to Europe in winter), think of the less crowds you’ll have to fight.


Pre-book tickets

Pre-booking tickets for day trips, events and any experiences etc. you want to do when you are away, take advantage of pre-booking discounts!


Stick to local transport or walk!

Take advantage of the super-efficient and cheap transport systems to get you around e.g. Asia has fantastic train systems that run like clockwork and are very affordable. Be smart with ways to get around and research options before you leave. Usually catching cabs are overpriced and not the best option if you want to save some serious dollar. Better yet – if the distance is within reasonable walking distance, why not walk?! Explore on foot and let yourself get lost, wandering streets and laneways..


Eat street food

I love street food! Food markets are popular in many continents such as Europe and Asia and it is a great way to eat authentic food in the region plus it’s cheaper than dining in often overpriced restaurants every night.
Another way to save money on food is to buy and cook your own, given your accommodation can accommodate this!


Pick a cheaper destination

It’s no surprise big cities such as New York, London and Paris are expensive cities to stay in, at least, significantly more so than many Asian destinations like Thailand, Vietnam and Bali. Considering things like how long you want to be away for, what can cater best for your budget and what you want to experience can help determine what part of the world you will explore next.


Do comparisons

Before I book flights anywhere, I like to compare costs, days and time. Popular comparison flight sites such as Expedia, Sky scanner and Web jet are great to do this. Note that travelling on weekends is usually more expensive than the beginning to mid-week and prices can fluctuate greatly.


Mobile phone usage

If you are travelling internationally, turn off mobile data and use Wi-Fi instead, unless you have a local SIM or a pre-arranged deal with your phone company. To stay in touch with friends and family back home I use WhatsApp. It’s a really easy way to text, send any pics or videos back home and Wi-Fi can be easily accessible in many public areas.


Consider different accommodation options

Do you always stay in hotels? Do some research on what sort of accommodation is available where you are going. Hostels often get a bad rap for being nitty and gritty, however they are not all like this. Air BnB is another great option that sees you getting a more ‘local’ experience and you can often snatch some great deals too. Consider your options and what suits your needs and budget.



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