What’s in my gym bag: my 7 essentials items


When it comes to my gym bag essentials, I try to keep it pretty basic. I don’t like to lug around a lot, nor do I really need to.. just enough bare essentials to get through my workout.

I love going to the gym, it is basically like my ‘me’ time and the part of the day I get to focus on myself and feel super energised after, so being prepared is key! Whether I go in the first up in the morning or later in the day, nothing really changes…


Water & BCAA’s

I never go to gym without water. Hydration is definitely super important and that said, I always mix my BCAA’s into my water bottle and sip throughout my workout. BCAA (branch chained amino acids) are a supplement I am only new to taking this year but a supplement I love! There are great for reducing muscle soreness, prevents muscle breakdown & helps preserve muscle and improves training fatigue – I could go on but I will do a separate post about BCAA’s. Also, the EHP Labs brand I use also contains electrolytes, which is key for maintaining hydration.



Gym Towel
I cannot workout without my gym towel! Not only it is for wiping away all the sweat (which is a lot by the end), but it is also a polite and more hygienic gym ettique, to carry a towel when using the weight machines. No one wants to use machines that are drenched from someone else’s sweat amiright?!



Maybe I am still super old school, but I STILL carry around my trusty little ipod nano from about 10 years ago! It’s still going strong and working out to your favourite beats is a hundred times better, especially pushing through those extra killer reps.



I carry a small tube on hand sanitizer in my bag, it literally takes up zero room and it’s really useful to freshen up after gym, in between sets or whenever I feel the need to rub some onto my hands. Maybe I am slightly OCD, but there are so many germs carried around in a gym!


A small pack of tissues are always just a handy, weightless thing I keep in my bag aswell. You just never know when they might come in handy.


Need I say more?!!


Post workout nutrition
Post workout I do drink a protein shake, but as I only live a few minutes from home I wait until I am home to drink it, otherwise if I know I’m not heading home right away I will pack my shaker and protein in my gym bag.


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