My favourite places on the Gold Coast for espresso martinis!


For someone who isn’t an avid coffee drinker (I drink coffee on the rare occasion these days) I do love sitting down to an espresso martini! I know… I’m only slightly strange, but what a better night out than sipping on a martini and luckily for me, there are certainly no shortages of restaurants and bars across the Gold Coast selling up some the finest martini’s..

Here are my top picks on the Gold Coast that I love 🙂 I do always love to try new places so I am sure the list will eventually grow bigger but at the moment, you guys gotta try these places out!!!


Bread and Butter

Bread and butter hands down do the best espresso martinis (in my opinion) and are my absolute favourite spot. Their martini’s have an added butterscotch flavour, which is what makes them so dman good. It’s a slight twist on the traditional, but not a huge one or enough to ruin the flavours.
It’s also an added bonus that Bread and Butter is a Spanish tapas bar (which great food), they have live music on weekends and are only a street back from beautiful Kirra Beach.

Location: Kirra
Price: $18


Finders Keepers

Finders keepers are located along James St in Burleigh and although it can be quite often bypassed by many due to its not so obvious entry, this place is a special little number. It’s got a quaint interior, it’ trendy and staff are always exceptionally welcoming and friendly. But more to the point, their cocktail and drink list is pretty damn great. They’ve got a small selection of espresso martini’s (the chocolate is my fav twist) as well as other concoctions that might tickle your fancy i.e. the spiced strudel!

Location: Burleigh
Price: $17



Justin Lane

For those who live on the Gold Coast, chances are pretty likely you have heard of Justin Lane and in which case you would already know the place serve up the freshest and finest pizza and pasta. The place gets packed on weekends and being the only rooftop terrace (so far) on the GC makes it a pretty sweet spot.
It’s definetly worth heading up to the rooftop for a drink or two and enjoy Burleigh’s laid back vibes. Oh, and I really do rate their espresso martini’s as one my favs on the GC! They’ve got them down pat and really pride themselves on quality service.

Location: Burleigh


Caffeine Kings

CafĂ© by day and bar scene by night, caffeine Kings transforms into a funky yet casual spot to hang out on a Friday night with a bunch of friends. If you love Melbourne’s street art, you’ll love Caffeine Kings grungy interior wall art and the overall style of the place. They’ve not long started opening their doors on weekend nights and it’s already a popular hangout spot by locals. Their martini’s are strong and punchy, just the way a martini should be!

Location: Miami
Cost: $17



Tupe Aloha

Tupe Aloha are a super casual and ultra funky Hawaiian tiki taco bar who not only sell the best tacos on the Gold Coast but also have quite an impressive drinks and cocktail menu. Its worth mentioning the list of exotic fruity and punchy mixes and the fact they have a cocktail served in a coconut, but their espresso martini is really a top contender amongst the other drinks! You can even take your pick between vodka (the usual) or bourbon for a twist..oh and they even had coconut vodka…

Location: Kirra



Sparrow Eating House

There are plenty of drinking spots in Nobby’s, but if you venture past the bars along the main road and down some of the side streets you might just be pleasantly surprised with less crowds and a far fancier drinking experience i.e. Sparrow Eating House is one of Nobby’s hidden gems and they know how to serve up some great cocktails. They do two varieties of espresso martin’s; traditional and salted caramel, both which are just as good as each other. And to top that off, if you love peanut butter, you gotta try their peanut butter cocktail!! It is creamy, smooth and definitely something you don’t see everyday on a drinks menu right?!!

Location: Nobby’s




I adore Hideaway! The food is amazing, the drinks are amazing and the venue is unreal! It’s a very trendy Melbourne style venue, with street-style graffiti art across the walls indoors, but an even more epic outdoor only have to take a look at the funky umbrellas and fairy lights they have hanging in the air to see what I mean. But more to the point, their espresso martinis are definitely worth trying. They are punchy and strong and made with only the best coffee beans around of course!

Location: Broadbeach
Cost: $18


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