11 reasons to love Australian Winter!


Winter is in full swing here in Australia and here I am sitting all rugged up in my warm woolies, furry socks holding a warm cuppa tea! Despite feeling warm and content in my current attire a(and maybe slightly over-layered for the actual temperature it is), there really isn’t a lot to complain about in regards to the weather and seasons in Australia and more particularly, the Gold Coast (my home). Winter here is generally pretty mild and bearable….

Alas, here are some of my favourite things about Winter here in Australia…


Bright blue skies

Those typical clear, bright blue and cloudless days are the best and even better because you know the rainy season is behind us.


You can still go swimming

Although it’s Winter, the temperature really isn’t cold enough to stop swimming…in fact, the water is generally slightly warmer.


Woolie jumpers

Finally, the excuse to pull out the warm wooly jumpers that you only get to wear once a year! And then are forgotten again shortly after….



It’s low tourist season

Summertime is undoubtedly the most popular time to travel to Australia for international tourists, particularly those heading toward the Coastal spots along the South East to soak up the warm weather and surf. But with summer also comes holiday season for locals so everywhere is more crowded plus tourist attractions and hotel prices are generally at a higher rate. In Winter, there are not only less crowds, but you can still enjoy the mild temperatures pleasantly!


And the perfect paces to travel too…..

Northern Queensland is perfect during the colder months as there is far less humidity than in Summer making places like Cairns, Northern Territory, Uluru, Whitsundays and even the Gold Coast desirable spots.

And for colder weather.. Melbourne, Hunter Valley, Stanthorpe, Perisher…


You can still see Snow

We really have the best of both worlds during the Winter months with both snow fields and sunny beaches to enjoy. While snowfall can be unreliable with some years snow falling heavier than others, some of the well renowned snow fields are Mt Hotham, Perisher and Mt Kosciusko and will always be snowing!


Whale Watching

Winter means it is whale watching time so you can expect to share the sea with some marine wildlife.


Sunsets to love

The sunsets are more golden, bold and beautiful than ever! Outdoor picnics are the best in Winter, accompanied with wine, cheese, good company and a picturesque sunset.


Indulge in food and drink

Bring out the hot chocolates, warm alcoholic beverages and anything else warm that make winter so much more enjoyable! And then there’s the warm, hearty and delectable dishes that just aren’t as appleaing in Summer.




Who doesn’t love a good bonfire and toasting marshmallows on a stick or roasting potato in foil over hot coils #ilovewinter



Relax and chill out

Cold nights that make staying indoors and watching movie marathons, tv series and Netflix with a big doona and blanket the perfect combo..


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