Considering a working holiday?


The thought of a working holiday sounds like a pretty sweet deal; picture yourself living in a new country, blending into the culture nicely, making new friends and soaking up the free and restless life you have only been dreaming about. But in hindsight, what you don’t actually think about is the ‘work’ side of it. Yes, working overseas can have many perks and of course, all the more opportunity to travel abroad, however there are still some minor drawbacks to working while you travel and /or living overseas.


Before making hasty decisions, it may benefit you to do your research on crucial information such as visa requirements, country restrictions, job opportunities and finances and support. Working holidays are every bit what you put into it so generally speaking, it all boils down to the experiences you want to gain and what you will get out of it, that counts.




1. The work side of it. Yes, this means you will have days where you will have to actually go to work and work like a normal person. Depending on what sort of industry you are working in, could mean long hours, night shifts, weekend work or a 7 day rotating roster.



2. Maintaining a steady flow of income can be an obstacle you will face, and having to settle for lower paying jobs. While some countries are cheaper than others to live, some just aren’t so. The cost of living and other expenditures can vary significantly country to country so it is best to do a little research first. Finding out whether or not you can afford the lifestyle in that particular country and whether you will still be able to save extra cash for general savings…like travelling, will greatly benefit you.



3. You may not always be able to take holidays and time off work whenever you please. This can vary depending on your work situation and what industry you are working in but for instance, in busier and peak season travel months this might be the case.



4. Sometimes you might feel homesick…and miss certain aspects of your home country plus family and friends back home. The distance apart isn’t always just a short flight away, and time difference can mean you may be on difficult sleep schedules making it a little more difficult to stay in touch regularly.



5. Research the countries visa requirements and restrictions. The requirements to get an Australian working visa are pretty straightforward – you must be between the ages of 18 and 30, although some countries outline different rules, so best to check any restrictions or requirements out first. Working overseas can be a timely and costly process.


6. Culture shock and living conditions aren’t the same in every country and it may be hard to adjust at first.




Gain Valuable experiences

There are just some things that school doesn’t teach you – and this is one of them! Nothing screams life experience more than living and working overseas.


Chance to explore a new country and culture

Understanding and appreciating a new culture, language, history and to learn a different way of living to how you are used to, is a very valuable experience. Embrace it in every way! Life in a new country can be a real adventure culturally and ethically. Eating food that you’ve never tasted before, visiting places you’ve only ever seen on television, soaking in the sights, sounds and smells you have never experienced and of course the culture and customs that are completely different from your own. And the list goes on!


Job opportunities

More and more people are heading overseas because it is a great experience in which you learn a lot, in both a professional capacity and socially. It’s also quite an obvious fact that having this experience can add some serious brownie points to your CV. Not only can you demonstrate an excellent skill set, but you have gained global perspective and that is highly regarded in professional businesses!


Make new friends

You have the chance to make new friends and meet interesting people from a variety of backgrounds. This will also increase your social network and make lifelong friends!



Working overseas means you will get the opportunity to travel to new and exciting destinations and to places you have only dreamt of. Spread your wings and experience what the world has to offer.


Home is always home

Whether you have had enough, ready to head home or are homesick, home will always be home!


Work office goals  not a bad view!

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