Working Overseas Guide: Jobs & Preparing to go


There are loads of unique forms of overseas work available and picking the right one suited to you can take some thinking and consideration. Once you know what you are interested in doing and where you would like to work can depend on a lot. Depending on the type of work you are wanting can factor whether or not you need any qualifications under your belt, and of course some countries require you to obtain certain working visas.



Au Pair

Becoming an Au pair can see you living in some of the best parts of the world and in the most expensive cities and locations, such as New York, Paris and London. Living abroad with a host family will provide you with a realistic and practical experience in a particular location, although committing to a families lifestyle is a huge adjustment. One thing to remember however is that, your primary duty and responsibilities are to be the carer for the children, so any personal interests and travel perspectives will be sidelined through your time as an AuPair.


Teaching English

Teaching English overseas would have to be one of the more rewarding and fulfilling job prospects of choosing an overseas work holiday. On top of an above average pay scale, you can receive great work incentive packages such as your accommodation, work sponsors and visas all paid for. This does depends on the country and living conditions of the country you are teaching in.


Ski Season

Every year, many individuals head to the slopes to work in the ski fields during the winter months. Although popular spots are in Canada’s Big White and Whistler, there is also Japan, Colorado and the French Alps. Ski resorts are always hiring ski instructors for the season ahead, teaching classes to beginners but also if that isn’t your thing, jobs are also available in guest services assistants, childcare workers, retail attendants, chefs/cooks, baristas, front desk/reservations and housekeeping.


Cruise Ships

Although hard to get a step in the door, cruise ship jobs aren’t ones to pass up if ever the opportunity arises. Think endless global travel and the chance to network and meet interesting people -all the while working abroad.



No specific qualifications required, although having a background or some experience in hospitality can be advantageous. Becoming a stewardess or steward will see you sailing the seven seas, working in some of the most remote and tropical places in the world, all the while tending to the rich and (sometimes) famous. This lifestyle is typically very long hours and you are worked immensely tending to the needs and demands of guests at every minute. Most commonly the money is tax-free, and on top of this, you can earn uncapped cash.


Tour Guide

Think of popular Australian tour companies such as Topdeck, Contiki and Bus About, who attract thousands of young ambient travellers each year to continents all around the world, and how amazing there jobs are. It may be beneficial to know, the recruitment process is not just long and lengthy but, if you make the cut, the training is very scrupulous and takes months before you will be out on your own. It is quite a big commitment so be sure if it something you think you will enjoy in the long run.


Bar Tender/ Waitressing

Becoming a bar tender or waiting is often a great option for those studying abroad or simply need something with more flexibility. Although these jobs can typically mean long hours, night shifts and 7 day rosters, depending on city you work in can see you earning big tips! And of course, with flexibility means more travel opportunities to take time off.


Hostel/ hotel worker

Working in hotels and/or hostels can bring many perks to the job, one being discounted accommodation and the fact that if you are working for an international chain company, you may be able to re locate to different parts of the world after so long. As part of the job, you will also meet and work with a diverse range of people.



Plentiful of countries, particularly America, offer internships for many industries and fields. This is great for many studying or undergraduates who are wishing to work overseas and in their profession. Internships generally start anywhere from 3 months to 18 months, with the option to extend if you wish. The work is paid in most cases, however don’t expect it to be a great deal of income.


Farm workers/Fruit Pickers

This is becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia for many international travellers wishing to head this way to work and live abroad. Obtaining the visa to do so is unfortunately the most difficult part, so it may be beneficial to consider the likelihood of working here before you spend too much money and time on visa documents and payments.


Flight Attendant

Not all the time, but Flight Attendants can re locate to the airlines’ base destination, particularly if they are working as an international attendant (e.g. working for Emirates can see you living in Dubai).Working as a flight attendant can have it’s advantages, and lots of them, but there is no telling how tedious, tiring and exhausting the job would be. Rostered over 365 days a year there is no such thing has public holidays, Easter and Christmas, and hours can be extremely long stretching from day to night shifts. But that aside, you are essentially getting paid to see parts of the world some would only dream of – and multiple times a week sometimes! Just consider both before making a final decision.



Preparing to go

Bags to take

Arguably one of the most difficult decisions is choosing between taking a backpack or a suitcase?! Considering your intended length of trip, how frequently you will be travelling around and how much you can cram into either can help you determine. Backpacks nowadays have easily accessible zips to all compartments of the bag plus some have built-in wheels, however get used to carrying it over your back. Suitcases on other hand do have pluses and minus too!



Getting in tip top shape and eat healthily can have you feeling at your best before you leave. Also, make sure you have visited your local doctor well in advance for any necessary vaccinations that you might need.


Visa and documents

Have all your travel visas, passports and essential travel documents all ready to go and together. Never leave obtaining visa’s to the last-minute, as they can sometimes take weeks or months to process – and allowing for any mishaps (better to be safe than sorry). Organisation is key here!



Purchase yourself a journal and dedicate it to all your travel adventures and experiences. You will thank yourself in years to come when you read back and remember old memories.



Be sure to have a big enough size memory card to hold all those photos you will be taking. Better again, buying back up/spare cards are handy to keep in your camera bag if you ever need spares.



It will make life a lot easier to do research on the country you will be working in, and being aware of any culture differences and vital information that may be of use.


Travel Smart

Taking travel locks for your bags, putting your passport in a safe spot, buying a language book (if travelling to a foreign country), contacting friends and family back home frequently…it’s all about travelling smart and have your wits about you! But most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!


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